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1127Re: [EarlyElectrumCoinage] Milesian fake ?

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  • Lluís Mendieta
    Jan 25, 2011
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      Hi, Daniel

      The point that Mr. Sermarini places about the flat portion is impecable in my opinion.
      So, the coin in question is a fake in my opinion also, and the hoard, well, if we follow "guilty by association", fake.
      Or more probably, a hoard increased by adding fakes.
      That reminds me the "increased flans flu" of fakes.

      Besides, pieces not to be bought, because found in Turkey and illegally exported necessarily (found in 1990).
      But if a "increased flans flu", then probably Bulgarian.

      Ayway: dating gold (feasible) will tell when gold was last time melted...

      With best wishes

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      Subject: [EarlyElectrumCoinage] Milesian fake ?

      What do you think about this coin and about this fraction serie ?



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