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Check out "Blacksmith Anvil by Peter Wright" at Kijiji

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  • oakhammer.forge@gmail.com
    Hello, oakhammer.forge@gmail.com wants you to look at this Classified Ad on Kijiji Blacksmith Anvil by Peter Wright View this Ad:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2011
      Hello, oakhammer.forge@... wants you to look at this Classified Ad on Kijiji "Blacksmith Anvil by Peter Wright"

      View this Ad: Blacksmith Anvil by Peter Wright

      And sent you this message:
      Greetings all,
      Got a hit on Kijiji for a great deal on an anvil. It's a Peter Wright, and judging by the paint stick as a scale, My Guess is that it is in the 120-175 lb range. For $200.00, that is a very good deal. The anvil looks to be in great condition and the edges and horn look very good. If anyone is looking for an anvil, this looks like a great deal.
      (if I didn't already have 5 anvils, I'd jump on this one myself)

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