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CanIRON 8 - Fergus ON CDN - July 28-31

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  • Darrell @ the Wareham Forge
    Canadian National Blacksmith s Conference comes to Ontario in 2011 CanIRON 8 Thursday July 28 to Sunday July 31, 2011 Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2011
      Canadian National Blacksmith's Conference comes to Ontario in 2011

      CanIRON 8
      Thursday July 28 to Sunday July 31, 2011
      Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
      Fergus, Ontario

      The Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association is pleased to announce it will be hosting CanIRON 8, the Canadian National Blacksmith's Conference. From July 28 to July 31 this summer, blacksmiths from across Canada and the United States will be gathering at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex in Fergus Ontario. Eight featured demonstrators are coming from England, Canada and the USA to illustrate techniques and conduct hands on workshops. Elements of the event will be free for the public to view. These include special demonstrations, a metalwork Gallery where you can meet the artists, an auction Saturday evening, and watching our (often entertaining) forging competition on Sunday afternoon.

      CanIRON is a biannual event which moves west to east across the country. Last held in Ontario in 2003, CanIRON 8 follows the successful event at Ness Creek Sask. in 2009. This year's theme is 'Forging Friendships', and to that end an event is planned with as much interaction between our featured demonstrators and the members as possible. A special focus for CanIRON 8 will be the use of all hand powered work, the use of strikers with sledges rather than modern mechanical equipments. Aspects of design will be an important component, with demonstrators chosen for their proven ability to effectively communicate.

      Our featured demonstrators are:
      Paul Allen - England
      Sandra Dunn - Ontario
      Jesus Hernadez - Alabama
      Mike McCarthy - New York
      Jake Powning - New Brunswick
      Mark Puigmarti - Ontario
      Brian Russell - England
      Kelly Smyth - Pennsylvania

      As well as physical demonstrations, conference members will take part in hands on workshops, lectures, panel sessions, open forge sessions, tail gate sales - and ample opportunities to 'Forge Friendships'.

      The Ontario Artisan Blacksmith Association draws its members from both professional and hobby level metalworkers. The organization traces its roots back to the late 1970's when it formed as a chapter club under the larger Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. Our goal is to both preserve the traditional skills of the blacksmith and promote forged iron and steel as an artistic medium. It never really was about horseshoes!

      For more Information:
      web site : www.ontarioblacksmiths.ca/CANIRON8/
      blog : http://caniron8.blogspot.com/
      e-mail : caniron@...
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