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  • Glenn Martin
    This year, for our anniversary, my lovely wife gave me two books by Jose Antonio Ares; Blacksmithing: Hot Techniques
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2012

        This year, for our anniversary, my lovely wife gave me two books by Jose Antonio Ares; “Blacksmithing: Hot Techniques & Striking Projects” and “Metal: Forming, Forging, and Soldering Techniques”.  These are general works with an overview of multiple metalworking techniques in addition to blacksmithing.  They contain projects that are suitable to the beginner which can be done entirely on the forge but the author uses a variety of techniques.  They also have some of the clearest colour photographs I’ve ever seen in a blacksmithing book outlining all the steps in the projects.  They cover a lot of techniques in general detail (you won’t learn arc welding in two pages.) but they give a good base for blacksmithing and a good overview of other methods that you may want to learn later.

        Both together sell for $38 (amazon.ca) but I’m asking $30.

      “but Glenn”< you ask.  “Why would you sell your anniversary present?!”

      Well these are very good books which is why my wife gave them to me.


      Yes, she forgot that she gave them to me before.  I blame Amazons’ robo-Emails which suggest books with similar topics to ones you’ve looked at on their site.  I’m printing off a copy of my artisanideas.com wish-list for her in future.

      I’m going to ask one thing from you all.  PLEASE DON’T TELL KJARVALA SHE GAVE ME BOOKS I ALREADY HAD!  We had a wonderful anniversary and I don’t want to spoil it.


      If you’re interested in the books, please Email me at gmrmt@....




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