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Re: Iron wire??? for needles

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  • Darrell Markewitz
    If you are in a more rural location and have access to a Farm Supply - likely also available at TSC. buy black oiled fencing wire. This is a lower carbon
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 29, 2011
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      If you are in a more rural location and have access to a Farm Supply -
      likely also available at TSC.

      buy 'black oiled' fencing wire.
      This is a lower carbon content steel. Sorry, can't off the top of my
      head quote you spec number (although Tim might know?) My guess is that
      it will work out to be something between a 1005 - 1010 (with mild steel
      a 1020 - that is .2% C) Mind you, it normally comes in 10 lb coils at
      about $20. Check also for someone who uses it for chain maile making and
      can provide a scrap.

      The size is roughly 1/8 inch diameter. This puts it closer into the
      range for the needle in the first place. I've not tried it, but you
      likely can hammer work it cold down to a smaller size. It will not
      suffer the same delamination as actual wrought iron (no slag inclusions
      in the wire). I suspect it will slightly work harden (but not very much)
      when worked cold.

      Another possible source material in the small size range would be our
      standard 'soft iron' rivets. Those are made from a 1005 steel (so .O5 %
      C). If she starts with 1/8 x 2 inch long it might provide enough
      material for a needle (although harder to hang on to that a piece of wire!)

      Tell the individual if she gets stuck finding either (both purchased in
      bulk after all!) that she can contact me directly (info@...)
      and I would be happy to mail her a bit of both types.

      Darrell / Sylard

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