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Some self-promotion

Greetings all. I hope everyone had a great holiday and will look forward to a prosperous and peaceful new year. For my new year, I've started a new venture -
Jan 11, 2015

Why do Blacksmiths make poor cooks.

5.   Sulfur is not a spice.4.    1400 Deg F is NOT a moderate cooking heat.3.    Coal dust is not a spice either.2.    The first thing a blacksmith
Gary Walker
Nov 18, 2014

From a blacksmith's daughter, a collect of sayings and truths

Tools do not make the blacksmith, the blacksmith makes the tools. Blacksmithing is easy---You hold the cold end and hit the hot end and please get it right
Helmut's Forge
Oct 22, 2014

How to get in shape

My memory is as good as it ever was Severus said Dumbledore quietly walkergarya@... sent
Oct 10, 2014

The Passing of a great man

It is with heavy heart that I convey the loss of a fellow metal smith and armourer. Bill Fedun who was also known in the SCA as Yusef of the South Tower
Oct 8, 2014

Re: Viking blacksmiths grave found

Thanks for sharing the article, Valdr. This is indeed an great find, and like you I can't wait to hear more about it. Aurik
Sep 16, 2014

Re: Viking blacksmiths grave found

I know why you do not find stuff like this in your back yard, you live on the wrong continent. YIS Gynor Duncan On Tuesday, September 9, 2014 9:37 PM,
Gary Walker
Sep 10, 2014

Viking blacksmiths grave found

http://irisharchaeology.ie/2014/09/viking-blacksmiths-grave-uncovered-in-norway/ This is very cool. Why can't I find cool stuff in my backyard? I can't wait to
Sep 9, 2014

A New Year - A New Start (hopefully)

Happy New Year everyone. I know that I have been largely absent from this list for a long time but the past few years have been difficult. I've been dealing
Dec 31, 2013

Interesting blacksmith video

Hello everyone As I sit here enjoying (uhuh) this massive snow dump and now the blowing snow.... one of the local smiths here in Avacal just added this
Dec 3, 2013

Anvils for sale

A couple of anvils up on Kijiji. First a small (125lbs) hobby anvil. http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-tools-hand-tools-farrier-anvil-W0QQAd IdZ490265268
Glenn Martin
Sep 22, 2013

Re: Hello everyone

Hi Thora! Glad to hear things are picking up for you out that-a-way, and that you're building up a blacksmith group out there! My forge has been quite quiet as
May 18, 2013

Re: Sale Notice

I wish I lived close enough to get there. I could use another anvil and tools.
Dee Cadoret
May 18, 2013

Sale Notice

I have a 145 lb Buckmen's anvil for sale in fair forging condition. As well I have some hammers and a 3/4" propane burner brand new for building a small gas
Helmut's Forge
May 18, 2013

Also for sale

3/4 inch diam. gas burner for a gas forge, including hoses and pressure valve.
Helmut's Forge
May 13, 2013
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