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  • Ines
    Nov 18, 2010
      --- In EaldormereBlacksmithguild@yahoogroups.com, "thoravolundsdottir"
      <hverweybsmith@...> wrote:
      > Welcome, this is an experiement on some levels and hopefully a great
      tool for people who are interested in blacksmithing. The first little
      while will have a few bumps as I learn the ropes so please be kind.
      > Remember this is a private group and Rule #1 is that I am the
      admin/group owner and I have the last say. Which does not mean that
      yours is wrong but I'd like to keep the off topic chatting to a minimum.
      Please DO NOT spam this group with the latest internet hustle, virus
      alert, or political statement. If a discussion of politics or whatever
      grows out of a thread on smithing, fine- if it gets obnoxious, I'll warn
      you to stop. If you don't, see Rule #1.

      The second rule about EBG is that you only talk about things pertaining
      to EBG. Got it.

      greetings all

      Signora Ines deFreitas
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