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180Hello everyone

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  • thoravolundsdottir
    Apr 16 8:43 PM
      HI everyone

      Just wanting to touch base and see how my fellow smiths are doing? The snow is still holding on out here in Avacal and I am ready to start making random coal fires to melt it.... I have only been able to get out to one blacksmithing meeting in Edmonton this winter. Every other time winter has bested me on the hwy and sent me crawling home in defeat. I have found at least two museums with a forge in them, so we shall see what comes from that.I'll keep you updated. I have also started a blacksmithing bug out here with the local SCA groups and will attempt to stoke the fires of new smiths as the season continues.

      I have found several "ex pats" as they call themselves, those who once called Ealdormere home here in Avacal and also have found many kind and fun new people to play with too. Like Maunus said when I first moved out here,"you always have family in the SCA no matter were you go" and that is so true.

      I would love to hear what everyone is up to and what cool things you shall be doing in your local area. I am hoping to have at least one demo by the end of summer for the local group and maybe start a local guild out here too. Passing on the knowledge of smithing is very important to me. I never want to see this wonderful trade disappear from the known world, it would be such a horrible loss for the human race. Have fun smithing everyone and talk to you soon.

      In the spirit of fire we share

      Thora Volundsdottir
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