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178Fw: [SCA-AE] Pre-Industrial books catalog going out of business

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  • Gary Walker
    Oct 15, 2012

      --- On Mon, 10/15/12, David Salley <dagonell@...> wrote:

      From: David Salley <dagonell@...>
      Subject: [SCA-AE] Pre-Industrial books catalog going out of business
      To: discussion@...
      Received: Monday, October 15, 2012, 5:05 PM

      Gee, Dagonell, if only there was a catalog full of pre-industrial how to books telling me how I could (make sausage, brew beer, make paper, carve wood, blacksmith, cast metal, etc.)

      Good news: There is.  Lindsay Publications, PO Box 538, Bradley IL 60915, www.lindsaybks.com, fax for orders 815-935-5477.

      Bad news: Lindsay has announced he's retiring.  He has just published the LAST catalog he will ever write.  Absolutely NO orders taken after Feb. 28, 2013. 

      I have nothing to do with this company, I'm just a highly satisfied customer who has spent a couple hundred dollars on blacksmithing books over the years.  I'm deeply sorry to see him retire, but I wanted everyone to have a last chance to order his books before they're gone.

      --- Dagonell, blacksmith hobbyist
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