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155Re: [EaldormereBlacksmithguild] Re: A matter of grave importance.

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  • Peter Cadoret
    Feb 10, 2012
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      I'll be there and beginner. I do have fighting, archery and possible a merchant booth to man, so will probably smith just a little.

      A horse is a horse, of course of course!

      On 2012-02-10, at 9:34 PM, "thoravolundsdottir" <hverweybsmith@...> wrote:


      Thank you for the invite. I think that we'll definitely have to take you up on the offer for a blacksmith alley at the Summer Siege this summer.

      We will need to find out how many people are interested and who is able to come out, I think we can at least keep to the coal forges for a bit more authenticity, :)

      I'll even offered to do a pre "safety in the forge area" class and a few basic lessons for the day too.

      Once more things have been hammered out I'll let everyone know. Also let me know if you are thinking of coming out for the day too.
      And at what level you are at for smithing.

      Lady Thora

      --- In EaldormereBlacksmithguild@yahoogroups.com, Peter Cadoret <yearningmice@...> wrote:
      > The fighters struggle to shake the doldrums of winter and resume training
      > in Greyfel <http://www.ealdormere.ca/greyfells/>'s by *Breaking the Back of
      > Winter* on the borders of AEthelmearc and the East Kingdom. Meanwhile the
      > subtle politics of the aristocracy creates new tensions and many a duel
      > breaks out in what is to become known again as the *Border Spat*. The
      > reclamation of honor on the fencing list field is hard won. Will it be
      > enough?
      > We in the Canton of Harrowgate Heath fear that the drums of war are
      > beating. The marching is already started.The outcome of the border spat
      > irrelevant. A *Summer Siege* <http://SummerSiege.weebly.com/> all but
      > inevitable. We call upon the Blacksmith's Guild of Ealdormere to come to
      > our aid. Our small outpost will become the focus for our, and our allies
      > armies. Blacksmiths are require to create and repair the tools and weapons
      > of war.
      > Okay, okay, enough story telling. Mundanely, this all means:
      > We are in the early planning for Summer Siege(June 23, 2012) and have a
      > great outdoor site that is just begging to have a lot of hot steel pounded!
      > We were hoping that with enough lead time the Blacksmith Guild would like
      > to set up a demo(or two) at our event.
      > The site is located at the Chesterville Farmer's Market so you'll get to
      > show off your talents to Scaians and the mundane. I suspect we could set up
      > a table for sales which might be brisk. We can rope you off for safety but
      > give you a central area to impress everyone with your massive talents!
      > I can supply two portable(ish) coal forges(a mechanical blower and an old
      > farm forge), a three burger gas forge, and a couple of 100 pound anvils if
      > that makes setup easier for folks. I'd love to see your equipment though.
      > We do not need this to be "period" for this year. As Summer Siege grows we
      > will work on making everything more and more period.
      > I'd also love to see some pennants from the guild flying over the site.
      > <Hint Hint>
      > For questions concerns or comments, please contact me, I'll be assisting
      > the autocrat with organizing parts of the event.
      > Cenn�dig

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