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119Re: [EaldormereBlacksmithguild] Monthly question

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  • Gary Walker
    Oct 19, 2011
      While I am more of an armourer than a blacksmith, (therefore I commit the sin of hitting colt steel), real wroght iron is the period material and mild steel is the modern. Wroght iron is made by taking a large lump of ore called a bloom and repeatedly heating it and pounding it flat. With practice, carbon can be added or reduced but more important, each time the bloom is worked, more of the silicates or slag flak off the bloom. 
      Wroght iron is harder to get these days, but works better in the forge especially for hammer welding. Due to some metalurgical properties I dont pretend to understand, wroght iron has better corrosion resistance than most modern steel. It is also like modern steel, subject to the properties of high and low carbon content. Very high carbon was not used in medieval europe but high and low carbon material were used where the hardness or softer steel were desireable.
      Mild steel is low carbon steel and makes the majority of the armour used in the SCA as well as most of our consumer goods. It is reletively cheap and consistant.

      For most blacksmithing work, mild steel works well enough without the extra cost of Wrought Iron. For the best work, Wrought Iron could be best.
      For a source for new wrought iron try...


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      Subject: [EaldormereBlacksmithguild] Monthly question

      Good day all
      I know that the monthly question is a bit late this month, but as it is the end of the crazy season for me I hope that you can over look that.

      So Here is the question(s) of the month: What is the difference between wrought iron and mild steel? and which is better?. why?

      I know its more then one question but I thought it might be of interest to people, and also I love asking questions.

      If you have a question about smithing feel free to post it, no question is a stupid question and others may also be wondering why too. Some questions may seem very basic but that is how we all learn.

      If you are too shy to post a question but have one, feel free to send it to me via hverweybsmith at gmail dot com, I get too many emials on my yahoo account so i only use it to send stuff out now.

      ***ALSO!!!! there will be a brag table a Hare so please bring something out for it, if you only have a picture feel free to bring it out for our scrap book that I will be bringing too, yes there is a scrap book too :) come on out and say hi at Hare and meet others of like mind who enjoy hitting on hot (or cold) metal ....

      Yours In Service

      Lady Thora V

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