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118Monthly question

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  • thoravolundsdottir
    Oct 19, 2011
      Good day all
      I know that the monthly question is a bit late this month, but as it is the end of the crazy season for me I hope that you can over look that.

      So Here is the question(s) of the month: What is the difference between wrought iron and mild steel? and which is better?. why?

      I know its more then one question but I thought it might be of interest to people, and also I love asking questions.

      If you have a question about smithing feel free to post it, no question is a stupid question and others may also be wondering why too. Some questions may seem very basic but that is how we all learn.

      If you are too shy to post a question but have one, feel free to send it to me via hverweybsmith at gmail dot com, I get too many emials on my yahoo account so i only use it to send stuff out now.

      ***ALSO!!!! there will be a brag table a Hare so please bring something out for it, if you only have a picture feel free to bring it out for our scrap book that I will be bringing too, yes there is a scrap book too :) come on out and say hi at Hare and meet others of like mind who enjoy hitting on hot (or cold) metal ....

      Yours In Service

      Lady Thora V
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