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Re: New poll for E_Rapier

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  • Catherine Redewell of Eoforwic
    Greetings, As the people I usually travelled with for that event were dancers only , the odds of my getting to a fencing only event are very small. :-( As
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 21, 2008

      As the people I usually travelled with
      for that event were "dancers only",
      the odds of my getting to a "fencing
      only" event are very small. :-(

      As the event issues itself. My limited
      understanding was that they hoped to
      expand on the numbers that attended the
      originally "dance only" event (formerly
      known as "Step Spritely") and added the
      fencing as an additional draw for numbers
      of attendees. Unfortunately, by changing
      the name and adding a Court, etc., meant
      the majority of the American (dance)
      attendees stayed home as they thought the
      dance event had been cancelled (we found
      this out the Pennsic after the name change).
      They also discovered dance events to the
      south on that same weekend (when they
      thought our event was cancelled) so they
      started attending those - and therefore
      avoided our February weather and the border
      crossing issues for the following years.
      This resulted, I suspect, in the number of
      attendees remaining close to what it had
      been as a "dance only" event, and I suspect
      the site costs again exceeded the attendee
      site fees.

      I was of the understanding that they
      wanted to run a "heavy fighting only"
      event next February as there have been
      newbies interested in same, so I am
      pleasantly surprised at the idea of a
      fencing-only event. Unfortunately, as
      I've been slack about making it to fight
      practice, I'm really not up to par for
      fencing right now (though a winter of
      shoveling snow may solve that!).

      Good luck if you can make it work!

      In Service,


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      "Eve Harris & David Stamper"
      <evedave1@...> wrote:

      <<I would like to second the good Baroness.
      A large number of you have attended Silk
      Slippers & Crossed Swords (which is not
      being held this year) in the past and know
      how much fun an all day fencing-till-you-
      drop kind of event can be. That is what is
      envisioned for the February event with the
      same formats as the fencing at SS&CS,
      including the continuous bearpit. It
      will have the added advantage of probably
      not having the 5 pm cut off required by
      the site in Der Welfengau. Please respond
      so BT can get this event off the ground.


      (who really wants this thing to happen as
      he is not RMIC and gets to play all day as
      Hoskuld is insisting I have to play in all
      the tourneys) >>


      From: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
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      Sent: December 17, 2008 10:21 PM
      To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [E_Rapier] New poll for E_Rapier

      <<So the poll currently shows 5 Absolutely!s,
      5 Probablys, and 1 Maybe.

      There are 65 members of the group. It would
      be very nice to have some more responses.
      Bryniau has an absolute need to start running
      events that make money, to stop the slow bleed
      in our coffers, and if only 11 out of 65 people
      care enough to answer the question, it doesn't
      bode well for the event. We were expecting a
      small event, but not THIS small.

      Please vote if you haven't yet!

      Even if the vote is "Sorry, no"

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