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Fwd: [krms] New West Kingdom Rapier Award

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  • John Wyatt
    FYI Everyone, just news from the Knowne World. In Service, Mateo ... ____________________________________________________________________________________ Now
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2007
      FYI Everyone, just news from the Knowne World.

      In Service,

      --- Staffan Arffuidsson <arffuidson@...> wrote:

      > Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 17:34:10 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Staffan Arffuidsson <arffuidson@...>
      > To: krms@...
      > Subject: [krms] New West Kingdom Rapier Award
      > Greetings,
      > Since Else is on a business trip she asked me to
      > forward the following post. In addition to Else, I
      > am
      > also available if you have any questions.
      > In Service,
      > Staffan Arffuidsson
      > Deputy Rapier Marshal
      > West Kingdom
      > ---------- Forwarded Message ----------
      > Greetings to the Kingdom Rapier Marshals of the
      > Knowne
      > World from Else Hunrvogt, West Kingdom Rapier
      > Marshal
      > Word may already have reached you at this time that
      > the West Kingdom is establishing a new Grant level
      > award for Rapier Combat. I wished to send a brief
      > missive describing the award and the current Kingdom
      > plans.
      > HM Uther has tremendous respect for the Order of the
      > White Scarf and for what it's members have achieved
      > in
      > their kingdoms. Although signing the White Scarf
      > treaty is not an option for the West at this time,
      > HM
      > seeks to emulate the spirit of the White Scarf and
      > recognize the efforts of several West Kingdom Rapier
      > Fighters and the West Kingdom Rapier Community as a
      > whole.
      > Out of respect for the symbol of the White Scarf,
      > regalia for the new Western Order will likely be a
      > white scarf bearing the Western populace badge of a
      > green demi-sun. His Majesty and Crown Prince Jade
      > are
      > committed to working with the Crown of Ansteorra to
      > develop a proper name for this new Order.
      > The first of this Order will be awarded at West
      > Kingdom Beltane. Thomas Logan, Micheal of
      > Castlekeep,
      > Sorcha Careman, and Nytshade of Golden Rivers will
      > be
      > the first members inducted.
      > If there are any questions by your Crowns, or your
      > White Scarf Councils, please let me know, so that I
      > can aid you in contacting the member of the West
      > Kingdom can provide an answer.
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