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Melee Training -- Rapier War College & Spring Tune-up

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  • John Wyatt
    Greetings Everyone, I first want to thank the MiC s of Rapier War College and Spring Tune-up for their plans to continue the project THL Gareth Campbell
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2008
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      Greetings Everyone,

      I first want to thank the MiC's of Rapier War College
      and Spring Tune-up for their plans to continue the
      project THL Gareth Campbell started last year, and
      that is to better train Ealdomere Fighters in the
      skills of Melee combat. As Dalin Caulder mentioned,
      we have a few events coming up of which Melees will be
      a significant part. Training for those that enjoy
      Melee's, in preparation for those Events, is a good
      thing especially since most groups don't have enough
      people to really practice Melees.

      This training will help in a couple of important
      1) Expanding our Kingdom's knowledge in Rapier Combat.
      As Don Robert said, Ealdormere doesn't do that well
      in Rapier Melee and there are Ealdoremerians who want
      to improve our standing out of Kingdom in this area.
      I'm glad to see them working to improve their
      knowledge and the kingdom's in general.
      2) Improve the safety of combatants on the Melee field
      within our Kingdom. Over the past few years I and
      other Marshals have heard of several reports of "hard
      hits" and "heavy calibration" with unspecified
      instances. While we all try to watch our calibration
      on the field, not many of us have had much training on
      what to do and how to do it when faced with the chaos
      of a Melee List. It's like going back to your first
      bouts on the tournament list after being Authorized.
      You know the basics, but it's not a familiar
      experience. As you get more experience, you become
      calmer and more effective on the tournament list.
      Same can be said with the Melee field. For those that
      like Melees, I do suggest attending either Rapier War
      College and/or Spring Tune up to get this training.

      I personally like a mix of single and melee combat.
      Not trying to sit on the fence here, it's true --
      there are days where I want to focus on my own skills,
      but there are also days where I just want to go have
      fun and "die gloriously" in mock battle (I have to
      work on the glorious part... but it's fun!). So, the
      key thing to remember when planning tournament events
      is to try to make the line-up of activities appeals to
      as many people as possible. I think a lot of Events
      do this well, given the themes of the Events. Rapier
      War College and Spring Tune Up's courses are the
      exception, but they are events which are trying to do
      for Melee what events like Practicum and Silk Slippers
      and Crossed Swords has done for Individual Combat -
      enhance and highlight aspects of our game.

      Mateo de Merida

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