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Fun X 30 !!

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  • thltoymaker
    Greetings to the people of Septentria, Ealdormere and the Known World at Large, from Percival & Christiana, Baron and Baroness of Septentria. On the 13th day
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2008
      Greetings to the people of Septentria, Ealdormere and the Known World at Large, from Percival & Christiana, Baron and Baroness of Septentria.

      On the 13th day of May Anno Societata 13 the Glorious Barony of Septentria was born and now 30 years later we invite one and all to a Gala Birthday party in calibration of this occasion. Come and join us for Septentria's 30th Birthday Friday May 16th 2008.

      Please feel free to forward this information to any and all mailing lists you see fit and please pass this on to anyone you know who may have had a part in our glorious history that may no longer play actively in the
      Society. From the earliest days as Duke Finvar first set foot upon the northern shore of the Inland seas through all of the formative years before there was a Septentria to the eventual birth of a Kingdom and on to today we seek out any and all who played a part in our history. Come out come out where ever you are.

      Join us Friday night for a grand Bardic circle as we sing of our history. We seek out the bards of our lands and beyond. Come and bring your best songs and stories of our glory and our history. Sing to us of the times when the Wolf and the Winds and the Wild were all that was known, Tell us tales of the coming of the mighty Bear of Septentria upon the lands, Regale us with the history that is our land and that which was begat from the heart of the bear and grew to become the mighty Kingdom we now call Ealdormere. As the
      hearth fire dwindles we beg you seek your rest in the great hall of Caer Draeth as we bed down for the night with dreams of past honours and future glory fresh in our heads.

      As Saturday morning dawns we welcome you to our tables as the aroma of a hearty breaking of the fast fills the halls and draws us from our sleep. Eat well and prepare, for the day promises many great things to tempt every interest. Tournaments shall fill the fields as (weather and marshals permitting) there will be combat in all the skills of war. Heavy, Rapier and Youth combat shall clash upon the list fields as Arrows, Axe, Knife and other missiles fly the ranges in many and varied tests of skills. (A night archery shoot is planned) The Gentler Arts will have their place as well in the hall as we welcome classes and displays of all the Arts and Sciences of the lands. We also hope to see the history of our lands on display. We ask
      you to bring out your artifacts and relics of Historical significance to be placed in a special Baronial History Display. (By Baronial Command No Living Relics Will Be Required To Remain On Display.)The day will also feature a lunch counter, court and grand feast to sustain our guests. Dancing in the evening and more joyous singing and story telling will be most welcome to our senses.

      But wait, its not over yet... Once again you are invited to make your selves comfortable for the night within the warmth and safety of the great hall. For as Sunday brings a new day it also brings with it a Grand Baronial Practice. The lists and ranges will once again ring with the clash of arms and thunk of missile hitting home as the Barony of Septentria prepares for war. We welcome all, Septentrian and visitor alike to join in and practice the arts of war. The hall will remain open for socializing and sharing of
      friendship until 2 pm Sunday.

      Some and join us and celebrate Septentria's 30th Birthday as we start the
      Year off with a bang.

      Baron Percival & Baroness Christiana
      High Lord & Lady of Septentria

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