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Re: [E_Rapier] Eoforwic Rapier Practice, 18 Mar 2007

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  • John Wyatt
    Yay! Glad to hear you guys are back up and running! Mateo ... ____________________________________________________________________________________ Bored stiff?
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 16, 2007

      Glad to hear you guys are back up and running!

      --- Yvonne Rogers <tamlin_01@...> wrote:

      > This message was originally posted by Eoforwic's
      > Senashal, repeated
      > here for your information.
      > In service
      > Lady Jocelyne Roget de Cranewell
      > MKA Yvonne Rogers
      > Come one, come all to Eoforwic's first fight
      > practice at our new
      > location.
      > This Sunday (March 18) will be Eoforwic's first
      > fight practice at our
      > new and somewhat improved fight site.
      > Our new fight site features more space for fighting
      > and a&s,
      > washrooms, and heating.
      > Unfortunately as our canton now needs to pay for our
      > fight site we
      > will be asking for a $2 donation from each person in
      > attendance at is
      > over the age of 12. This fee will help to ensure
      > that Eoforwic will
      > continue being able to afford a weekly fight
      > practice site in the
      > future.
      > The new site is called the Fighting Arts Collective
      > Toronto. It is a
      > martial arts studio and will require people to use
      > "in door" shoes on
      > the fight floor so as not to dirty up the floor. The
      > upstairs area
      > that is reserved for a&s and spectators requires
      > that people take off
      > their shoes to set on the squishy part of the floor
      > because hard
      > soled shoes will damage the flooring.
      > For directions to the new fight site go to
      > http://www.factoronto.com/
      > and go to this location link, it gives directions
      > and a map. There is
      > parking located along to side of the building, this
      > parking is
      > limited, if it is full there is street parking and a
      > grocery store
      > parking lot that is located at the opposite side of
      > the intersection
      > from the FACT building.
      > I hope to see lots of people out at fight practice
      > this week! The
      > practice starts at 2pm.

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