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RE: [E_Rapier] Re: Final Notes for SSXS

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Greetings! Yay! It s over! I m pooped. Let s see. Magnus won the single rapier tourney, Hoskuld won the Authentic Accoutrement Tourney, Edward and Simone won
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 17, 2008

      Yay! It's over! I'm pooped. Let's see. Magnus won the single rapier tourney,
      Hoskuld won the Authentic Accoutrement Tourney, Edward and Simone won the
      Teams of Two tourney, Davin won the Full Card Tourney, Edward won two of the
      four free for alls thus winning overall, and Edward and HRM Kaylah were the
      two high scorers in the Bearpit. So, that meant Count Sir Edward had three
      slots for the final eight, one of which he, much to my surprise and delight,
      gave to me, and the other to Baroness Eyrny. After all was said and done,
      Baron Hoskuld emerged victorious over Count Sir Edward with me placing
      third. Wassail to all the finalists and Wassail to Baron Hoskuld! Hoskuld,
      Edward and I each received a very nice ceramic tankard with an Ealdormere
      badge and the word Rapier on it during court that evening.

      I am very pleased with the way the event went. Everything ran relatively on
      time and we finished with plenty of time to have the gym cleaned up. The
      bearpit ran until 2:30, and ended up taking over the second list so there
      was fencing enough for all I hope. The other tournaments went smoothly and I
      hope people enjoyed the different scenarios.

      I would like to thank all the people who helped me out during the day,
      Gerrard and Mateo for bringing list ropes and polls; Gerrard, Mateo, Vlad
      and the other people who helped marshal the lists; Baron Kol, Baron Davin
      and the two Ladies who helped keep the lists running smoothly; Gerrard
      (there's that name again) for providing some very nice prizes, THL Odette
      for giving us this wonderful opportunity to play in an excellent site; the
      event staff who did a great job of making the day very special through their
      efforts, Their Royal Majesties Kaylah and Trumbrand for gracing the event
      with Their presence and making it Their Royal Tournament for Rapier; and
      finally all the fencers who came out and displayed such great skill,
      courtesy and honour and without whom the day would not have been possible.
      If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me, it was a long day.

      Some other things of note: Lady Adelle received a rapier cloak from Her
      Majesty for skill on list, Lord Diego received an Orion for his skill in
      shoe making, Lord Raithe received a Scarlet Banner for his skill with the
      rapier, Lord Magnus received his Guidon de Sang for service to the Barony,
      THL Vlad received The Jewel of Ramshaven for his unflagging service to the
      Barony, and Duke Sir Roak authorized in single rapier (!). The rapier moot
      was lively with a number of issues being explored which I will leave to Lord
      Mateo to summarize.

      Again, thank you to all who made the event so wonderful.

      Yours in Service

      Albrecht, RMIC SSXS


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      I got stuck a work today! Who won What?



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