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RE: [Bulk] RE: [E_Rapier] Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (Long)

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Well, there is a continuous bearpit so you can probably get in a few bouts. Thank you for the offer of help, it s greatly appreciated. Albrecht _____ From:
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 31, 2008
      Well, there is a continuous bearpit so you can probably get in a few bouts.
      Thank you for the offer of help, it's greatly appreciated.



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      Subject: [Bulk] RE: [E_Rapier] Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (Long)

      I expect that I will be there as well.. possibly looking for a fight or two,
      though very unlikely to actually be entering anytihng.

      This lack of actually entering anything will however mean that I should have
      plenty of time to help out with any marshalling duties that might be

      Not to mention that I am very much looking forward to seeing so many people
      I have not seen in a very very long time.


      PS Thrilled to hear you're on the mend Cainder!

      Eve Harris & David Stamper <evedave1@rogers. <mailto:evedave1%40rogers.com>
      com> wrote:
      Excellent! I'll try to arrange a Comfy Chair for you.



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      Of Kelly Wyatt
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      Subject: RE: [E_Rapier] Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (Long)

      As I'm still recovering from my surgery, I'll be happy to help marshall for
      the day.

      Count me in,

      MKA - Kelly Wyatt kgarlow@sympatico. <mailto:kgarlow%40sympatico.ca> ca
      SCA -Bantiarna Cainder ingen hui Chatharnaig
      Seeblatt Herald, Kingdom of Ealdormere
      Justus, Fortis, Patiens - Per chevron argent and sable, two sprigs of witch
      hazel and a snowy owl counterchanged.

      >From: "Eve Harris & David Stamper" <evedave1@rogers.
      <mailto:evedave1%40rogers.com> com>
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      >To: <E_Rapier@yahoogroup <mailto:E_Rapier%40yahoogroups.com> s.com>
      >Subject: [E_Rapier] Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (Long)
      >Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 14:13:38 -0500
      >Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords is rapidly approaching, the date for the
      >event being February 16th, 2008. Some details for the event can be found
      >http://dw.sca <http://dw.sca <http://dw.sca.gamv.ca/ssxs/> gamv.ca/ssxs/>
      >This is the third annual SS&CS and hopefully there will be many more. As
      >those of you who have attended in the past know I can promise you fencing,
      >fencing and more fencing. Here is a tentative schedule for the day:
      >8:00 am Albrecht Arrives on site for set up
      >9:00 am Site Opens, start of inspections for rapier
      >10:00 am Bearpit Opens
      >10:30 First Tourney - Single Rapier, Double Elimination
      >??:?? Second Tourney - Authentic Accoutrement, Single Elimination
      >??:?? Third Tourney - Teams of Two, Double Elimination
      >??:?? Fourth Tourney - Full Card Tourney
      >??:?? Fifth Tourney - Free For All Tourney(s)
      >03:00 pm Bearpit Ends
      >03:30 pm Final Tourney - Double Elimination to Three Counted Blows
      >04:30 pm Clean up fencing area
      >05:00 pm Help Set up for Feast
      >05:30 pm Pot Luck Feast followed by Clean up (?)
      >07:00 pm Court (?)
      >08:00 pm Moot/Grand Ball
      >11:00 pm (?) Albrecht leaves site and collapses in a heap somewhere
      >As you can see, I have a full day of rapier planned. As I may have
      >before, it is absolutely vital that we have the area we are fencing in
      >cleared out and cleaned up by 5 pm. This has to happen.
      >Any help people can provide would be great. I especially need Marshal's to
      >help watch the various lists and do inspections and people experienced with
      >running lists for single and double elimination tourneys (that way I don't
      >have to do it and you know it will be done right). If I can get enough help
      >then I can rotate people out and they can play too. Please let me know off
      >list if you can help out and if you have a particular tourney you would
      >to marshal. As before, if you are a Marshal in the bearpit line up, please
      >relive the Marshal on the list and then you in turn will be relived by the
      >next Marshal in line, though if you wish to continue Marshalling please
      >free to do so. I'm willing to sign RMIT papers but only if I have the
      >opportunity to see the RMIT in action, both inspecting and marshalling.
      >If anyone has any questions on the tourney formats, please let me know.
      >Also, please recall that this Silk Slippers & Crossed Swords is the Royal
      >Rapier Tournament for this reign.
      >A few notes:
      >Due to time restrictions I'm not planning on running any authorizations. If
      >there is a free list and you have the requisite Marshals, go ahead, but if
      >the list is needed for the tourney you must give it up.
      >If you wish to fight a bout using Cut & Thrust you are more than welcomed
      >as long as both opponents are authorized, properly armoured, and the
      >of the list is made aware that you are using C&T.
      >The feast is pot luck with a $6 fee for those not contributing food but
      >still wishing to eat. If last year is anything to go by there will be very
      >good food and lots of it.
      >There will be a rapier moot with the KRM in attendance. I believe he has
      >already posted the issues he wishes to address. If anyone else has rapier
      >related issues, please bring them to the moot.
      >I look forward to seeing you all there and I hope a good time is had by
      >Again, if you have any questions about any aspect of the tourneys please
      >feel free to contact me.
      >Yours in Service
      >THL Albrecht Stampfer
      >RMIC, Silk Slippers & Crossed Swords

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