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Fwd: Submission for January 2008 Tidings

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  • John Wyatt
    Greetings Everyone, Please find below my letter to the January Tidings. In Service, Senor Mateo de Merida KRM for Ealdormere Scholar of the EAoD ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2007
      Greetings Everyone,

      Please find below my letter to the January Tidings.

      In Service,

      Senor Mateo de Merida

      KRM for Ealdormere
      Scholar of the EAoD

      > ************************************************
      > Greetings to all Rapier Combatants,
      > I hope each of you have had a wonderful holiday
      > season
      > and are full of good cheer. With much merry making
      > and good natured frivolity.
      > Now sharpen your swords and ready your gauntlets!
      > Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords will soon be upon
      > us,
      > and I would encourage everyone to attend what has
      > been
      > one of the grandest Rapier Events these past two
      > years. At this event, we will also be holding a
      > Kingdom Rapier Moot following feast. I encourage
      > everyone to attend and provide their input.
      > I plan to discuss the following topics, as they have
      > been the ones of great interest within the Kingdom:
      > 1) Engaging a sitting combatant -- should we
      > institute
      > the convention of 180 or 120 degree engagment
      > limitation in our Kingdom Rules?
      > 2) Legged Combatants -- should we allow legged
      > combatants to kneel or sit. Present rules limit the
      > legged combatant to sit and not rise up.
      > 3) Clarification of Groin puncture resistant armour
      > --
      > does the groin include the inside thigh, or just the
      > genital area? Should we tighten up the wording for
      > our Kingdom Rules or are we happy with the existing
      > wording?
      > 4) Tip Cuts: Note #1 in our current rules states:
      > "1. The Corporation allows Kingdoms to determine
      > the
      > validity of tip cuts. In Ealdormere, tip cuts are
      > accepted at the discretion of the combatant
      > receiving
      > the blow." I propose that this note be directly
      > referenced in section 4.0 "Acknowledgement of Blows"
      > as Notes #2 and #3 have be directly referenced for
      > clarity, or be removed to return to Society
      > minimums.
      > 5) MiT and CiT training process, specifically does
      > the RMiC have to directly supervise and sign the
      > RMiT/RCiT's form? I have currently ruled in favour
      > of
      > adhering to Ealdormere's Armoured Combatant Handbook
      > as there is nothing specifically addressing this
      > point
      > in the Society Rapier Rules or Ealdormere's Rapier
      > Combat Rules/Handbook. Ealdormere's Armoured
      > Combatant Handbook requires the Marshal in Charge
      > observe and sign-off on the progress of Marshals in
      > Training at Events.
      > 6) Results of the experiment regarding Darkwood's
      > SCA-tailored blunts held within Ealdormere, and
      > discussion on the feedback from other Kingdoms.
      > While
      > these blunts meet Society minimums, Ealdormere's
      > current rules state:
      > "Tips will have a blunt striking surface,
      > representing
      > a cross-section of at least 3/8 inch (9mm) diameter,
      > and must contain a rigid metal barrier between the
      > blade and the tip to prevent wear-through"
      > NOTE: Any changes to Kingdom Rapier rules and/or
      > procedures require approval from the Rapier
      > Populace,
      > Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Kingdom Earl Marshal &
      > Society
      > Rapier Marshal, and Privy Council in that order.
      > In Service,
      > Senor Mateo de Merida
      > Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Ealdormere
      > Scholar of the EAoD
      > Be a better pen pal.
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