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  • Greg Hounsell
    And I ve updated the praeceptor and proctor pages witb the appropriate names now I believe. _____ From: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 13, 2007
      And I've updated the praeceptor and proctor pages witb the appropriate names
      now I believe.


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      Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 12:42 PM
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      Subject: RE: [E_Rapier] One final one from Wilhelm

      I've posted the PDF of the minutes as I understand the "complete' version to
      be under the "downloads" section (see menu on left of site)

      I've also changed the contact to Wilhelm.

      If there are any errors please let me know



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      Subject: [E_Rapier] One final one from Wilhelm

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      From: wilhelmvonpottruff <ross.weaver@ <mailto:ross.weaver%40gmail.com>
      Date: Dec 7, 2005 10:29 PM
      Subject: [schermo] Additions to the minutes
      To: schermo@yahoogroups <mailto:schermo%40yahoogroups.com> .com

      I would like to suggest the following additions to the minutes.

      --- In schermo@yahoogroups <mailto:schermo%40yahoogroups.com> .com,
      argh@c... wrote:
      > 1) Peerless prizes- in particular the Provost level
      > Alan: What happened at the beginning of the EAOD, there was a time
      with there were no levels?
      > Cristabell W: When EAOD started, people decided for themselves what
      rank they should start at, and it was mutually
      > agreed.
      In addition we did fight prizes against all those that where
      attempting the same rank. The only one who didn't was Cerdic and he
      fought against all the Free Scholars for his Provost prize.

      > Wilhelm: There are 3 Free scholars on the cusp of going to
      Provost, Archibald, Giovanni and Albrect, they should just
      > fight each other.
      Actually I said there are 3 to 5. I also included myself, Wilhelm, as
      one of the potential Provosts.

      > Wilhelm: Documentation of research is important to these
      projects. These projects are meant to further the knowledge
      > of rapier in our period, but our sources of knowledge are often
      translations of period materials and all translations
      > inherently have a bias.
      Okay this strays a little from what I wanted to say.

      I was saying that we have to consider the sources when looking at
      research projects. Basing a project on secondary sources only is not
      as good a project as one that refers to primary sources in my

      As an example; someone teaching a class based on William Wilson's
      book is not a good project for an EAoD research project. But a
      lecture comparing his book to the period sources he used and looking
      at other possible interpretations is a good project. Basically the
      project should involve some thought based on information taken from
      period sources.

      > Wilhelm: Perhaps we should wait for concrete consequences of bad
      >behaviour eg stripped of a Peerage, an Office
      My point was a little larger than this. The EAoD was set up as it is
      to avoid as many qualitative judgement calls as possible. This is
      because we wanted to avoid the problems that some kingdoms had with
      recognition where because the individuals making the judgement call
      do not like the candidate personally the person is not recognized,
      yet to everyone else they are qualified and deserving of the
      If the EAoD starts making that judgement call about members we start
      moving down that treacherous path very quickly. But there are other
      parts of the SCA that are there to make that judgement call.
      Marshals are expected to call fencers on poor behaviour, such as
      ignoring shots, or calling the shots on your opponent for them. If
      it is bad enough to warrant punishment (suspension, or being banned)
      the person should have their EAoD rank revoked. The examples
      of "stripped of
      Peerage or Office" were the most extreme possibilities.

      In Service,
      THL Wilhelm von Pottruff
      Free Scholar of the EAoD

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