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Fw: [SCA-AE] ANNOUNCE: Rapier Academy - Nov 17th in the Barony of Thescorre

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  • Wendy Colbert
    Forwarded by request of the autocrat. Irene
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2007
      Forwarded by request of the autocrat. Irene

      -----Forwarded Message-----
      >From: yasmina <yasmina@...>
      >Reminder... The Rapier Academy is less than 2 weeks away!!
      >Some additional information for you:
      >**Through the partnership with The Main Street Armory and the Rochester
      >Clarion Riverside Hotel, a book of rooms have been set aside at a special
      >Event Rate of $79 per night. Please click on the "Lodging" link on the
      >event website for contact information for the Hotel
      >**His Excellency Eric, Baron of Thescorre, desires a tournament of skill
      >and prowess. To the victor shall he bestow a prize of an 11lb slab of
      >Callebaut Semisweet Chocolate. Come. Fight. Win. Chocolate!
      >**We still have spaces available for teachers, particularly non-martial
      >classes. All we request is that it somehow ties into something
      >Rapier-related. Who knows... there might be some chocolately goodness in
      >it for you as well... Please contact the Chancellor of classes (email link
      >at event website)
      >**There are also plenty of spaces available for merchants as well. please
      >contact me directly.
      >Please visit the event website for more detailed information at [LINK:
      >http://www.thescorre.org/calendar/events/rapier_academy.htm for updates
      >See you very very soon!
      >In service,
      >Dona Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina
      >Autocrat - Rapier Academy, hosted by the Barony of Thescorre
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