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  • Adam Love
    Dante s Event Blog This was the most fun event I ve been to in ages, and I m not just saying that because I helped run it! The dancing began at 11am and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2007
      Dante's Event Blog

      This was the most fun event I've been to in ages, and I'm not just
      saying that because I helped run it! The dancing began at 11am and the
      turn-out was amazing. We managed to give out 150 dance CD's as feast
      tokens and we ran out! Darius and Gwami (sp?) ran more than half of the
      dancing and a big giant thank you to them for making that happen.

      The rules for the various fighting tournaments were in flux all day as
      we negotiated and fine-tuned them on the spot, but I think it all turned
      out well, and we learned a lot. Baron Kolbjorn should be commended for
      being very flexible and cheerful. I think it's fair to say that
      Trinovantia was out-flanked in the recruitment department, and it ended
      up being Trinovantia vs. everyone (with a few exceptions) but the
      important thing is, I think everyone had a great time. I was really
      surprised that we won one heavy war point! The rapier combat was
      hard-fought I hear, even though we did not win a point.

      The feast food was excellent although I don't think our plan for
      bringing it out work as planned. It was chaos for awhile as everyone
      swarmed the tables, and the hot food line was pretty long, and I'm
      certain that if we run this event again (I sure hope so) we will work
      that out better. On the other hand, it was fun to just grab any table
      and sit down and eat while meeting new people. It was a refreshing
      change from assigned seating. I mean, for $12 total including site, the
      feast was pretty nice!

      The chess was run valiantly on the Trinovantian side by Damon, but I
      regret that I did not organize the chess competitions as well as could
      be, so some games were not recorded. On the dancing side, the poaching
      competition worked out okay despite some chaos, and there was a very
      unfortunate understanding about the second competition for judging the
      dancing, and I wish we could have re-done that. But I guess no event
      can be perfect.

      And after that - more dancing! The staff had to actually boot the
      dancers out of the hall at 10pm, which is what I remember happening ALL
      THE TIME in the old days, and hope we will see more of that. We must
      have had 30 or more people dancing as late as 8-9pm, a great turn-out.

      Finally, the masks that people brought were a joy to see. There were so
      many cool masks, and it really added a unique flavor to have a sea of
      masks bobbing up and down on the dance floor. The Parade of Masks that
      we had for the mask prizes was also a site to see. I Just love that sort
      of thing!

      After I got home I was in some strange state of zen-like bliss.

      I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for coming out to
      this event and making it a memorable experience. And I hope we see A
      LOT MORE DANCING at future events! All you need is a dance master lined
      up, and a little advertising. The dancers will come!

      About the CD, I'm planning to put online a printable version of the
      dance steps for all 12 dances on the CD in the next few days, so you can
      teach the dances to others. So look for that!

      Thank you,

      Co-event Steward
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