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Re: Pennsic stories?

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  • Catherine of Eoforwic
    Greetings, ... wrote:
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 30, 2007

      --- In E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com, "thltoymaker" <thltoymaker@...>

      <<" a few tweaks for meter purposes " ... Wow you might
      want to use a larger font .......... hard to imagine a
      poem a meter long ....>>

      Well, in absence of a larger font, and avoiding the temptation
      to put each word on its own line to make the poem reach a meter
      in length, I have added to it a little - which might help the
      meter issue!:

      Alamo Woods

      Remember the Alamo,
      Remember the East,
      And recall the Wood's slaughter,
      Where ravens now feast.

      Remember the valiant,
      The heroes who fell,
      With sworn honour their watchword,
      Of them stories tell.

      Remember the five banners,
      Control to be won,
      For to guard and to hold them,
      Our job to be done.

      Remember the endless foe,
      'Gainst poor counted few,
      The dark woods that ran blood-red,
      O'er allies of blue.

      Remember the battlelines,
      We swore to cross,
      Remember the cunning plans,
      Despite which, we lost.

      Remember now the allies,
      Deep in stillness met,
      Few words, few breaths, melee paused,
      Rise to fight on yet.

      Remember now your lessons,
      When racing to fight,
      One blade 'gainst two case will fall,
      Few Blue 'gainst Red's might.

      Remember to guard behind,
      'Gainst tricksters in red,
      For quiet and subtle find,
      One's comrades all dead.

      Remember the Eastern King,
      Retinue all slain,
      Stealthily alone he fought,
      Glory his to gain.

      Remember the King's strong words,
      "Stories will be told!"
      Of those who fought and died there,
      The few, brave and bold.

      Remember the Alamo!
      Remember the East!

      © August 2007 Catherine of Eoforwic (mka Robyn Patricia Bennett)

      <<Just kidding !! ... nicely done !>>


      In Service,

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