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Re: Chivalry and Piracy

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  • sca_rayne
    I do have to agree with Dante s words here.. Not to say that I didn t encourage any sort of piratey business, but at some moments, I did notice that it had
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      I do have to agree with Dante's words here.. Not to say that I
      didn't encourage any sort of piratey business, but at some moments,
      I did notice that it had gotten quite out of hand. I even witnessed
      some tempers arise even just a slight amount at one point, which
      shouldn't be happening at the rapier list of all places because
      that's how people will get hurt physically and even emotionally
      which isn't fair to anyone to have that happen to them.. I may not
      agree with people being required to be acknowledged by their
      Majesties in order to be a household ship, but it would be kinda
      cool, as Dante said, if the Queen was the one to take charge of the
      fencers. Those be my thoughts on the matter at this point.

      In Service,
      Gabriel de Merida

      --- In E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com, Adam Love <furryllamas@...> wrote:
      > Greetings All,
      > I just wanted to bring up some things about the very excellent
      > Tourney at Murder Melee, and rapier tourneys in general. First of
      > I want to thank Lord Nikolai and whoever else assisted in
      organizing and
      > running the rapier events as they were a whole lot of fun. I
      > liked the Warlords tourney, the bar brawls and the plank battles
      > I missed the plank battles).
      > My concerns are about "piratey-ness" - not only at this event but
      > many rapier events. Now I know that as ship households we have
      > encouraged the game of acting like pirates and often it's a lot of
      > and popular movies like Pirates of the Caribbean encourage us act
      > our inner "arrh". But often also, it causes us to act in an
      > unchivalrous way, and though it's only a game, we are also a real
      > community of friends and feelings are often hurt, though
      > unintentionally, by acting this way.
      > Our society is supposed to be recreating the Middle Ages "as it
      > have been", and I think that encouraging piratey-ness, however
      > the intent, often brings out the worst in us, and this is contrary
      > our society's goals. For example, and please understand that I'm
      > blaming anyone, as we were all just innocently playing the game,
      but at
      > Murder Melee for example, there were people stealing coins,
      > each other for coins, breaking the fighting or game rules, and in
      > general acting in a way that is the opposite of chivalry and
      honour. I
      > did these things too. I'm just saying, maybe this is not a good
      > for us to play.
      > In the "real" Middle Ages, all but a few ships were merchant
      > vessels sailing under the laws of their kingdom, or legitimate
      > defending their kingdom against other legitimate warships. The
      > swore allegiance and fealty, and the crews served their captains
      > In our society I think it would be better for us to emphasize our
      > allegiance to a particular Barony or Shire, and to discourage
      > "pirateyness".
      > So my suggestion is, perhaps we could petition the King and Queen
      > Ealdormere to provide a blanket Letter of Mark to all current
      ships in
      > Ealdormere, and to outlaw pirate ships. And then any new ships in
      > kingdom would need to register with the Crown in order to be
      > recognized. Then, with ships swearing fealty to the crown, as the
      > fighters do, we would all be encouraged to uphold the honour of
      > Ealdormere, and act in a chivalrous way.
      > And I think it would be cool if the Queen was was one who
      recognized the
      > Fencing ships, as the King is customarily in charge of the heavy
      > And then the the ships in turn, could swear allegiance to their
      > Barony or Shire, and rivalries can develop from there.
      > This is just an idea, and just my humble opinion. I hope you will
      > your opinion to the list, as I'm interested to know what other
      > think about it.
      > In Service,
      > Dante
      > Lord Admiral of the Trinovantian Fleet
      > --
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