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Moot minutes (mootnutes?)

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  • Gavin Lusk
    After much delay, here are the moot minutes from the moot held a couple of weeks ago in Bastille du Lac. Many thanks to Archibald for taking and compiling the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2013
      After much delay, here are the moot minutes from the moot held a couple of weeks ago in Bastille du Lac. Many thanks to Archibald for taking and compiling the minutes. 

      Minutes, Rapier Moot September 14th, 2013.


      Format:  The conversation flowed freely, thus these minutes are recorded in terms of the flow specific ideas brought up rather than an accurate chronological recording of the discussion.  Questions (q) were asked, answers (a) were sometimes proposed, and corollaries (c) added to many ideas and topics.  The are several questions that do not have an answer, and present ideas that should be investigated and/or considered and placed on the agenda for the next moot.


      Attendance:  Roughly 20.  An incomplete list is as follows:  Gavin (KRM), Albrecht (DKRM), Baron Giovanni, Jocelyn, Archibald, Lachlan, Janet, Erin (from Petrea Thule), Elarire, Tadc, Rath, Estienne, Guillaume,  and Mid Realm spy Rohesia disguised as Alessandro.  I apologize for those whom I have missed.


      1)  The authorization categories will remain unchanged.  However, authorizing fencers will be tested in all weapon forms included in that authorization category.

      q)  Concern over fencers currently not authorized in all weapons (of the previous rule set) included in a new authorization category.

      a)  We will have to simply accept these people as authorized in the new category without having by tested in all weapon forms.

      c)  To emphasize that marshals that do not feel they have the requisite skill to properly judge an authorization should and be perfectly justified in excusing themselves from participation in the authorization.

      q)  Given the encompassing nature of the two weapon authorization, does that mean that the primary single weapon authorization could be a single dagger.

      a)  No, single sword is a single rapier and not a dagger.  In other words it must be a weapon with a blade more than 18” length.


      2)  Marshall’s Handbook.  Lars will have a draft done by around Sept. 21st

      c) KRM intends to revise it with a select group of marshals.  After the first revision, the handbook will sent to the entire marshalate for feedback.

                  c)  That the system of revision above be entrenched in the Handbook as the process by which all revisions to the Rapier rules and Handbook will be made.

      c)  Intention is to have the handbook out for the new year, but, concedes it may take longer.

      N.B. This has obviously gone past, due to illness, but we should be moving with it again shortly. The final hope for the new year remains unchanged.


      3)  Marshall in Training process from before Rules version 6.0 is still in affect.

                  q)  Is it possible to have a public list of who holds a warrant as a Rapier Marshall

                              a)  Yes.

      q)  Is it possible to examine the possibility of making marshals in training to have a mentoring marshal.


      4)  Marshall’s course is being revived.

      q)  Explore the idea of having marshal having to attend a course once every two years in order to maintain warrant.

      q)  Explore the possibility of having other marshals give the marshal’s course.

                  c)  combine this course with armour testing.

      c)  The syllabus of the marshal’s course to be included as an appendix in the marshal’s handbook.


      5)  Spear Experiment.  Nothing happening, no one has been able to gather the logistical support to create a weapon.

      c)  Other spear options weighed.  Sword blade based, dagger blade based, and foam and rubber spear heads.

                  c)  KRM to talk to KEM about the potential for using foam headed weapons.


      6)  Review of the Last moot.  No dissension on the minutes from that moot.

                  c)  Emphasis of the separation of Injury Reports and Conduct/Disciplinary Reports.


      7)  Proposal brought forward of standardized emblem to denote who is a Rapier Marshall

                  q)  What would the logistics of creating these items?

                  q)  Is this at all times, or just for marshals on duty?

      q)  If it is at all times, if a warrant lapses or is removed what guarantees are there that that person will not pretend to be a marshal?


      8)  Cut and Thrust Melee

                  a)  No!!!
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