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Fwd: [krms] Estrella War Knowne World Rapier Camp

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  • Gavin Lusk
    For anyone planning to go to Estrella War this year... G ... From: Lorik Gryphon Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:20 AM Subject: [krms]
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      For anyone planning to go to Estrella War this year...


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      From: Lorik Gryphon <lorik_gryphon@...>
      Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:20 AM
      Subject: [krms] Estrella War Knowne World Rapier Camp
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      Give me your intrepid, your bold,
      Your Rapier academies yearning to share,
      The free-spirited independents of your shining shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the Estrella gate!

      **** **
      Greetings Good Gentles.
      ** **
      I am Koga Takashiro Kagehiro, called TakaGo, C&T Marshal for the Kingdom of
      ** **
      Some of you may be aware of a small event that takes place at the end of
      February, called Estrella War. You may be attending or know some who are
      ** **
      In an attempt to improve and enhance the experience for all, I and the
      Company of the Sable Blade (a Rapier Academy in the Kingdom of Atenveldt),
      have been granted permission and land to host a Knowne World Rapier Camp
      this year.
      ** **
      As the name suggests, this is a camp for ALL rapier fighters and their
      families, no matter their Kingdom, House, or Allegiance.
      ** **
      It will be located in the Town Square area, centrally located on site. The
      Town Square is a new area which the Mains intend to be a focal point of
      activity at Estrella. It is located next to the Camps of Visiting Kingdoms.
      Within the Town Square will be a Medieval Village, the merchants, the
      special events pavilion and aeric; and the Estrella War Knowne World Rapier
      ** **
      The Rapier Camp will be on the road directly across from the Visiting
      Kingdom Encampments (possibly on the corner.)
      ** **
      It is the intent to make this a place where Rapier fighters may gather and
      share rules, experiences, stories, drink together, and generally enjoy the
      camaraderie of others of a like mind. There will be an aeric set up within
      the camp and we will display our skills to the populace and visitors. At
      the least it is a place for Rapier fighters from any and all Kingdoms and
      Principalities to camp and gather; and fight in the Rapier Camp's aeric.
      ** **
      What I ask of you is to spread the word within the lands of your Kingdoms
      and Principalities and Baronies and Shires and Marches. Tell any and all
      who are coming or thinking of coming; whether they are coming in small
      numbers or are coming alone; whose entire households are traveling to
      Estrella; or who are simply interested in camping with others. They are
      ** **
      I have created a FaceBook Group for discussion (a yahoo group is not likely
      this time around. I don't intend to exclude anyone, but am unable to do
      both at this time):
      ** **
      ** **
      Many within Atenveldt and without have been made administrators. I would
      like to have a few from each Kingdom.
      ** **
      You may also give my email to anyone who is interested: lorik_gryphon @
      yahoo. com (spaces removed, of course)
      ** **
      Thank you all for any help and for spreading the word. My goal is only to
      help make things better, more fun, and to spread the enjoyment of the Game
      We Play.
      ** **
      Your humble servant,
      C&T Marshal, Atenveldt
      Steward for the Estrella War Knowne World Rapier Camp

      You're just jealous because the voices talk to me....

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