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An introduction

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  • Gavin MacAidan
    Greetings to the list; I thought I d take a quick minute to introduce myself, for those that haven t met me, and remind those for whom it s been too long since
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6 7:18 PM
      Greetings to the list;

      I thought I'd take a quick minute to introduce myself, for those that
      haven't met me, and remind those for whom it's been too long since our
      paths have crossed.

      I am Lord Gavin MacAidan, mundanely Gavin Lusk. I've been a fencer for just
      over fifteen years now, having taken a bit of a break in the middle. I've
      watched the changes to the rules over the years with some awe, some
      amusement, and some occasional shaking of the head - everything from
      switching from epee to schlager, amid cries that people were going to get
      themselves killed on the list, then to the heavier blades now. While I'm
      not yet authorized in cut and thrust, it's my plan for the winter to let
      various good folk beat the snot out of me while I learn.

      The rapier rules in Ealdormere are undergoing some major revisions in the
      way we do authorizations and generally approach the whole 'learning to be
      safe' thing. For the most part, I see these changes as beneficial,
      hopefully leading us to a more in-depth study of period styles (I can hear
      those who have fenced against my brute force method laughing at that coming
      from me).

      For all of us, especially we old dinosaurs, there will be an inevitable
      period of adjustment as we come to grips with the new rules. There will be
      questions and concerns, and a fair amount of discussion both on this list
      and on the marshal's list. This is a good thing. Initially, I expect much
      of my job will be clarifications, adjustments and small bits of tinkering
      with the rules that Lars laid down, but for the most part, I don't
      anticipate any major changes to the new authorization format. Having said
      that, I am hoping to hold a rapier moot at some point in the next year or

      As fencers, remember always that your first duty is to protect yourself on
      the list. Your second duty is to protect your opponent. Your third duty is
      to have fun as you practice, learn and compete with your choice of weapon.

      I hope to be announcing my deputy marshal and cut and thrust marshal in the
      coming weeks. As a reminder to marshals out there, if you're interested in
      either job, drop me a line.

      Finally, with a new person in the KRM's slot, and a new set of rules to go
      by, there will be questions. If you have a question, it is probable that
      someone else has the same question, so ask. Either here on the rapier list,
      to the marshal's list if you are a marshal, and to the kingdom rapier
      marshal's email (ealdormere.rapier.marshal@...). I will try to
      respond as promptly as I can.

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