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Re: Trillium War - Tourneys, Tourneys, Tourneys

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  • Yvonne Rogers
    Count me in as field marshall Jocelyne ... everyone a quick teaser of what they can expect on the rapier list. While the proper schedule is still a work in
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 7, 2007
      Count me in as field marshall


      --- In E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com, Anna B <abaginski@...> wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > With War of the Trilliums a mere few weeks away, I wanted to give
      everyone a quick teaser of what they can expect on the rapier list.
      While the proper schedule is still a work in progress, here are just
      a few of the things that we have planned:
      > TRM 'Pennsic Champions' Tourney
      > The Second Annual Galbraith Cup
      > Warlord Tourney
      > Normans vs. Saxons Tourney
      > Woods battles
      > 'Newbie' Tourney
      > Cut and Slash class - taught by THL Albrecht
      > The Trillium Dagger Tourney
      > Rigid Parry Tourney
      > 'The Normans/Saxons are Invading!' (hay bales allowing)
      > Keep also in mind that this year, due to the favourable holiday
      Monday, we will be fencing on both Saturday and Sunday, so bring your
      energy and enthusiam, and I am very much looking forward to seeing
      you all there.
      > The Logistical Stuff: Authorizations (primary only) *may* be
      held, space/marshals allowing. Any marshals with fencers wishing to
      attempt primary authorizations at WoT will need to advise me of their
      plans a minimum of a week prior to the event. Please keep in mind
      that it will be the 'authorizing' marshal to arrange for two other
      authorizing marshals.
      > Any marshals who would like to bring/assist an MiT/CiT please
      contact me in advance. Any MiTs/CiTs wishing to assist at the event,
      please contact me with the name of your 'supervising' marshal, or
      better yet, have your 'supervising' marshal contact me instead.
      > I am still in need of experienced list masters/mistresses. If
      anyone is interested, or knows someone who would be interested in
      helping us out on both Saturday and Sunday, please have them get in
      touch with me, off list.
      > The rapier list will be in the approximately same location as
      last year, and as with last year anyone who has sunshades, and is
      willing to share them with the rest of us (set them up, take them
      down, etc. etc.) will be extremely welcome.
      > There will not be an 'official' lunch break on either day, so I
      would strongly encourage everyone to bring edibles with them. And
      while we will be supplying a limited amount of water, please remember
      that it will be hot, and you will lose water and become dehydrated,
      even if you are just standing around watching a list, so plan on
      bringing liquids for yourself.
      > That's pretty much it! Hope to see you all at Gareth's Melee
      class at Spring Tune-Up this weekend!
      > Rusalka
      > RMiC, Trillium War III
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