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Changes to Authorization Rules (1)

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  • L. Tremblay
    Greetings! This will be somewhat long, so bear with me. We ve been working on some changes to the authorization system, based in part on the success of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2012

      This will be somewhat long, so bear with me. We've been working on some
      changes to the authorization system, based in part on the success of
      similar systems in other Kingdoms, the success we've seen on the
      armoured side doing similar things, streamlining the system a bit, and
      in hopes of expanding our numbers overall. What follows is more or less
      what you'll see in the August Tidings. These changes can be considered
      in effect as of now.

      Firstly, the number of authorizations is changing. Currently we have 7
      (Heavy Rapier, Cut & Thrust, Dagger, Rigid Parry, Non-Rigid Parry, Case,
      and Out of Kingdom Epee). We will now have 5 (Heavy Rapier, Cut &
      Thrust, Parry Device, Two Weapon, Out of Kingdom Epee).

      Parry Device covers any legal thing that you can hold in your off-hand
      but are not permitted to hit someone with (see parrying devices in the
      Rapier Handbook). Two Weapon covers any legal thing you can hold in
      your off-hand and are permitted to hit someone with (see blades in the
      Rapier Handbook).

      Being authorized in a secondary form grants the use of all devices
      allowable for the secondary form, regardless of the particular device
      used to authorize (e.g. authorizing in Two Weapon while using a dagger
      allows the combatant to also fight with two rapiers, and authorizing in
      Parry Device while using a buckler allows the combatant to also fight
      with a cloak or baton.) It is necessary to show proficiency with only a
      single type of device during the authorization.

      It is the responsibility of the combatant to become familiar with other
      devices covered by the authorization category before using them outside
      of practice. Nobody will ask you if you've practiced and become
      familiar, but if you go out and drill someone on the list that would be
      bad. Check with your friends and a marshal you trust.

      Secondly, the authorizations are being grouped into two categories. The
      first category is primary authorizations (Heavy Rapier, Cut & Thrust).
      Your first authorization may be in either of those forms. Being
      authorized in one form does not grant you authorization in the other.
      Yes, you may completely skip Heavy Rapier and just train and authorize
      in C&T for your first authorization.

      The second category is secondary authorizations (Parry Device, Two
      Weapon). If you are authorized in a secondary form, you may use it with
      any primary form you are authorized in. That is, you do not have to
      authorize in Parry Device separately for Heavy Rapier and Cut & Thrust
      (or Out of Kingdom Epee, as below).

      Out of Kingdom Epee is nominally considered a secondary authorization
      only because it may not be one of your primary authorizations. Once a
      combatant has authorized in Out of Kingdom Epee, they may use epee in
      conjunction with Parry Device or Two Weapon if they are so authorized.

      An updated Rapier Handbook is coming soon to lay all of these out in
      rules-ese. For the time being, you can get an excerpt of just these
      authorization changes here:

      Following this message will be a couple more with what I hope will cover
      the most common questions. Feel free to direct any questions you still
      have to me, or to this list (others probably have the same question.)

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