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Fwd: [Ealdormere] Rose Tourney at Trillium 2012 - Saturday 6pm

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  • Kathleen Gormanshaw
    ... From: Gabrielle Underwood Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 7:51 AM Subject: [Ealdormere] Rose Tourney at Trillium 2012 - Saturday 6pm To:
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      From: Gabrielle Underwood <geunderwood@...>
      Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 7:51 AM
      Subject: [Ealdormere] Rose Tourney at Trillium 2012 - Saturday 6pm
      To: Ealdormere@yahoogroups.com, Septentria@yahoogroups.com

      The Rose Tourney held at Trillium last year was very well received by folks
      we are doing it once again this year on Saturday at 6pm.

      This year we are changing the format slightly and are adding rapier to the
      tourney.   Specifically each team would consist of one rapier fighter & two
      unbelted fighters.   Each bout will consist of three passes - a pass between
      opposing Roses' unbelt, followed by a fencing pass and then the 2nd unbelt
      pass  The victor will be the Rose whose team has the greatest number of
      winning passes in the bout.  Roses may pair off their unbelts any way they
      wish. In the case a Rose team has fewer than three, the missing members will
      count as lost passes.

      A Rose Tournament is unique in that the Ladies sponsor the day, and a
      special opportunity to showcase many of the ideals of the society including
      honor, courtesy, and presence on the field. The wish is to encourage and
      endorse those fighters who aspire to the highest ideals of chivalry and
      courtesy on the field of honourable combat.  This tournament is what the SCA
      is about, for us to provide a forum for great deeds of valor; courage and

       To that end entrants must meet the requirements listed below.

      1.      Participation is limited to unbelted fighters and non-royal Peers.
      2.      The participant must be sponsored by a Lady of the Rose, who must be
      in attendance at the tournament.
      3.      A Lady of the Rose may sponsor 3 participants in this tournament (2
      unbelts and one fencer).
      4.      We'd like to encourage as period kits as possible. No visible
      plastic, no modern shoes or other mundane items.

      The Roses will be choosing their teams and may do so ahead of time or at the
      event so if you are interested in participating don't hesitate to ask.


      Countess Adrielle

      fidelius ad fineum

      Virtus post mortem permanet.

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