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Rapier Schedule at Trillies

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  • Aaron Miedema
    This is the conjectural schedule for Rapier events at Trillies. Please frward to people not on the lists. Does anyone have any ideas, comments, thoughts?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2012
      This is the conjectural schedule for Rapier events at Trillies. Please
      frward to people not on the lists. Does anyone have any ideas, comments,


      10am List set up.

      1 pm Armour and weapon inspections; Authorizations

      3 pm BYOM (Bring your own marshall) Open list.

      5 pm Shakedown Fighting (a chance to practice fighting
      with boats and �Viking� weaponry)


      10 am Armour and weapon inspections; Authorizations

      1 pm Galbriath Cup

      3 pm Ealdormere Academy of Defence Prizes

      5 pm Shakedown Fighting (a chance to practice fighting
      with boats and �Viking� weaponry)

      7 pm *Best Dressed Viking*, *Best Armed
      Viking*tournaments (initial inspections)

      9 pm *Grendel Tournament* (Torchlight Tourney)


      10 am Armour and weapon inspections; Authorizations

      11 am *Jeorl Tourney* (Warlord Tourney)

      1 pm *The Wrong side of the Fjord* (Boat Battle)

      2 pm *Land Grab Tournament*

      4 pm *Protect the Papar* (Woods Battle)

      8 pm *Saga Tournament*


      10 am Armour and weapon inspections; Authorizations

      11 am *Thrall Uprising*

      1 pm *Plague Tourney* (possibly for points)

      *Best Dressed Viking:* (1st place: 3 points, 2nd place: 2 points,
      3rdplace: 1 point, non-compliance: -1 point) Fencers in their armour
      are to
      dress in as Viking a manner as possible (of course, mask, gorget, and
      gloves will be excluded from the assessment). 1st place will go to the
      fencer who is consistently best dressed in Viking clothing in the
      List. 2ndplace will go to all other fencers who are dressed in full
      Viking manner.
      3rd place will go to all fencers who made some sort of homage to the Viking
      theme with their armour. Any fencer not participating in the Viking theme
      will lose one point. Here are some places to start:




      site, everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.]


      Swedish, but Google translate works well]



      *Best Armed Viking:* (Rapier legal Viking sword: 1 point, Rapier legal
      Viking buckler/shield: 1 point, other rapier legal Viking weapon accessory:
      1 point, Use of non-Viking weapon or parry device: -1 point for each
      weapon) A Rapier legal Viking sword will have a simple cross guard hilt, a
      balde no longer than 36�, and a hilt no longer than 7�. Fencers are
      encouraged to take advantage of the new blade rules and use a rapier legal
      Viking weapons, the Hanwei Practical Viking sword is an inexpensive choice.
      Fencers will need to use only these weapons in all point scoring fighting
      event in order to be awarded the points. Conversely fencers using
      non-Viking weapons will be penalized for each non-Viking weapon they use
      over the course of the weekend. Fencers will be given the lowest possible
      score for the entirety of the Fjord Saga Tournament.


      If you are ordering a Hanwei practical weapon, you will want to ask the
      company selling the weapon if they can test it and confirm that it meets
      SCA Rapier (not Cut and Thrust) flexibility standards. To my knowledge
      Relicks and Kult of Athena both will do this. SCA Blade standards can be
      found at: http://www.sca.org/officers/marshal/combat/rapier/













      *Grendel Tournament*: (1st place: 3 points, 2nd place: 2 points,
      3rdplace: 1 point, non-compliance: -1 point).
      This will be a torchlight tournament. With all the Vikings gathered at the
      mead hall for an Althing they are attacked by a seemingly invincible
      monster who is intent of rending our them limb from limb. The monster will
      be armed with two daggers representing its claws. The monster will only be
      able to be killed by one particular type of hit (thrust, tip cut, push/draw
      cut) on a single target location (head, torso, left arm, right arm, left
      leg, or right leg).

      First place will go to the combatant that kills the monster.

      Second place will go to and combatant incapacitated or killed by the

      Third Place will go to any combatant that escapes the mead hall.

      Non-compliance is awarded to any active fencer still unwounded and in the
      mead hall when the monster is killed (with the exception of the combatant
      that kills the monster).

      * *

      *Best Saga:* (1st place: 3 points, 2nd place: 2 points, 3rd place: 1
      point, non-compliance: -1 point) Fencers will arrange for a presentation of
      a saga bragging of their achievements for the event. This will be a judged
      tourney. Fencers may�and are encouraged to�recruit the talents of a skald.
      First and second place will be given to the sagas judged best, all other
      entrants will receive 3rd place.

      *Jeorl Tourney:* After the appearance of the monster it seems fitting to
      find a new Fjord to live in, there are two boats and crews need to be
      determined. This will be a conventional Warlord Tournament to determine
      boat crews for the �The Wrong side of the Fjord� Tournament.

      *The Wrong side of the Fjord:* (all members of the winning team will gain
      1 point) One side of the Fjord looks more fertile than the other, the
      Vikings fight for its possession. The teams determined from Jeorl
      Tournament will each man a boat. The team that survives with an operable
      boat (i.e. three crew men) wins the tournament.

      *Land Grab Tournament:* (score counted by territory held by each
      combatant) Vikings were notable farmers and always in search of good land. In
      this case, the fertile lands in the upper fjord, away from the windswept
      headlands. There will be two lists each represent one side of the Fjord. Each
      list is subdivided into three lists in a line. Half of the fencers (the
      teams determined by the Jeorl Tourney) will be in cue for each of these
      lines of lists in reverse precedence of date of their primary Rapier
      authorization. The action of tournament will be fought in phases. All
      combats in a phase will be resolved before moving on, fencers will then
      move up and down the lists and the combats for the next phase of the
      tournament will be determined and then resolved, and so on. In the first
      phase, the first two fencers will enter the first list and fight. This
      will be a timed round, and combatants will have 1 minute to determine a
      victor, otherwise both combatants will be considered to have lost the list.
      The victor of the bout will move to the second list, the loser will move
      to the back of the line, both fencers will move to the back of the line in
      the case of a double hit. In the second phase the first list will be
      brought up to two combatants from the cue. From this point on, any list
      with two or more fencers in it will need to be resolved by combat so that
      only one or no combatant remains alive. The victor of a combat will move
      to the next list up, or remain where they are if they are in the third list.
      The loser of a combat will move down one list or to the back of the line if
      they lose in the First list. At the end of the tournament (1 hour), the
      fencer�s in sole possession of a list will be awarded points. They will
      receive 1 point for the first list, 2 points for the second list, and 3
      points for the third list. If there are two or more occupants in a list at
      the end of the tournament, the points are split between them, rounded down.

      *Protect the Papar:* �Il papa� the Bishop of Rome has sent missionaries
      �papars� to civilize the Viking lands. Of course this suits the interests
      of the land holders. The Thralls, however, are a little less en-thrall-ed
      [get it? =)].

      This will be a resurrection melee battle between two sides, the landed
      Vikings against the Thralls (determined in the *Land Grab Tournament*). One
      of the members of the landed Viking side, will be designated the Papar. The
      goal of the landed Viking side is to escort the Papar from one end of the
      field to the other, 1 point will be scored for each successful crossing of
      the field. The Thralls will score 1 point for each time the Papar is
      killed. Each time a point is scored the field is reset and the scenario
      begins again.

      At the end of the alloted time (1 hour) the total number of points scored
      by a team is divided by the number of members of that team (rounded up) and
      each member of that team is awarded that number of points.

      *Thrall Uprising*: Over time the Vikings that have grown rich on their
      lands have also become complacent and the Thralls rise to gain freedom and
      booty. Those fencers which were in possession of a list in the *Land Grab
      Tourney* are the �landed� Vikings and will form one team. All other
      fencers form the Thrall hoards. The tournament will be repeated until the
      allotted time expires, each side will be awarded their best score. The
      melee will be fought until all members of at least one team have been
      killed or incapacitated, at which point the scores are tallied.

      The Thralls will gain 2 points for killing a landed Viking, The Landed
      Vikings will gain one point for killing a thrall. Double points will be
      awarded for incapacitation, due to both arms being hit, or by
      immobilization (leg hit). The total number of points earned by a side will
      then divided by the number of team members rounded down. This will be the
      number of points awarded to each member of that team. No friendly fire and
      no suicides.

      *Plague Tourney*: This is a timed (5 minute) every-fencer for themselves
      scenario that will be fought multiple times. At the beginning of each
      melee one fencer will be chosen as the �Carrier� of the plague. The
      remainder of the fencers will start the melee as �uninfected.� A Carrier
      will take hits from uninfected fencers, however, they will have a
      resurrection point it they are killed. Uninfected fencers will take hits
      only from other uninfected fencers, if an uninfected fencer is hit by a
      carrier, they are to go to the Carrier resurrection point and then become a
      carrier. Those fencers remaining uninfected at the end of the time period
      will score 1 point. The initial carrier will be determined following the
      order of precedence of the date of the fencer�s primary fencing

      Aaron Miedema, B.F.A., B.A., M.A.
      Author of *Bayonets and Blobsticks, The Canadian Experience of Close Combat
      1915-1918*, available from Legacy Books Press.
      as an ebook

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