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Rapier at Border Spat

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  • David Gotlieb
    Greetings unto the list,   First, I d like to thank the Academy...... (haha, couldn t resist)   Where to start? I d like to thank all of the fencers who came
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2012
      Greetings unto the list,
      First, I'd like to thank the Academy...... (haha, couldn't resist)
      Where to start? I'd like to thank all of the fencers who came out to Border Spat this weekend, both for the EAOD prizes, and the other activities. By my count, we had somewhere between 30 and 40 fencers on the lists during the day from at least six or seven Kingdoms. It was hard to get an exact number because they were all moving so quickly and fighting so much. Thankfully, we had plenty of space for everyone to fit, with room to spare for pick-ups.
      Thank you to Lady Jocelyn and the Academy for bringing the Dean prize to Harrowgate Heath for Border Spat. For a small Canton with very few fencers, it was great to be able to show people how impressive and skilled really high caliber rapier can be. Hopefully this will help us to grow the rapier community.
      I would also like to thank all of the marshals who helped with inspections and monitoring the various lists during the day, as well as those who helped to setup the lists first thing in the morning. With such a big space and so many fencers, it was greatly appreciated.
      Simultaneously with the prize fights, we ran several tournaments over the course of the day. I was most impressed with the chivalry and the control that both sides showed. Even with the melee tournaments, we had no concerns or problems with calibration or sportsmanship. For an inter-kindom event, I found this most impressive and congratulate everyone who took the field.

      Alas, with the bulk of Ealdormere's rapier forces tied up with the Academy activities, Dragon Dormant took the rapier war point with a score of 6-3. However, in all of the tournaments, Skrael and Ealdormere fencers put up a mighty fight. In the team melee tournament, we were able to fight them to a draw despite being slightly outnumbered. Ealdormere had the fastest "victory" as they killed our noble in 41 seconds instead of capturing him for ransom thanks to the tactical thinking of Lord Terrant. We also took two of the three in the mass melee rooftop tournament, with Faustus (one of Caldrithig's newest fencers) using guile to outlast his opponents twice.

      For those who are interested, I have posted pictures on my blog of the prizes from the tournaments, as well as the rapier marshal kits* that we presented to the Challengers in thanks for helping test our new Deans.


      Lord Dafydd ap Alan (MKA David Gotlieb)
      Canton of Harrowgate Heath
      RMIC - Border Spat
      *** The small purple pouch that you see in the picture of the kits is a 6 oz weight that my Lady and I created as a blade flex tester.

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