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On Line Capo Fero Course

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  • Aaron Miedema
    Hi all... Since I ve moved down to this end of the Kingdom, I have found a thirst for teaching period Rapier techniques. I am currently teaching, as of last
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2012
      Hi all...

      Since I've moved down to this end of the Kingdom, I have found a thirst for
      teaching period Rapier techniques. I am currently teaching, as of last
      night, at four different canton fencing practices and have had requests
      from two others. I can't say I mind the attention or the amount of
      practice and teaching I'm getting in, but, there are only so many places I
      can be in a week. In order to remedy this, I'm starting an on-line
      distance learning seminar.

      The seminar is on Facebook and is called Capo Fero 101. The course focuses
      on Capo Fero's 1610 fencing manual. It is meant to explore, in detail,
      Capo Fero's system of fencing and to introduce students to fencing theory
      and the methodological skills required to approach period manuals. This
      knowledge will not only permit the written and verbal exchange and
      discussion of ideas, it will also permit a sufficient level of knowledge to
      permit exploration of more advanced concepts when members of the seminar
      meet in person.

      The course requires a weekly commitment to read five or pages and share
      comments on that reading each week. There is also an obligation on the
      part of the students to spend at least some time discussing Capo Fero if
      and when they meet and person at events and practices, and ideally teaching
      and discussing things with practical hands on discourse.

      I invite anyone who is interested in practicing period fencing techniques
      to participate to contact me off list. Given the seminar nature of the
      course it is useful for both beginner and experienced fencers alike. The
      intention here is not to come up with the one true interpretation of Capo
      Fero, but to provide wide number of points of view with which to explore,
      challenge, and strength interpretations of Capo Fero's system of the fence.

      I apologize for this being limited to Facebook, it was the option chosen by
      the group of people who have shown the interested in me developing this
      idea. However, if this seminar proves successful, it will be re-run in a
      more generally accessable format.
      The course syllabus has been posted this morning, and the first comments
      are due April 1st. So if you are interested contact me.

      Aaron Miedema, B.F.A., B.A., M.A.
      Author of *Bayonets and Blobsticks, The Canadian Experience of Close Combat
      1915-1918*, available from Legacy Books Press.

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