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Re: Rapier Summer Fight Practice Site

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  • Catherine of Eoforwic
    Hey, I m an Eoforwickian fencer, but I don t drive - am I missing out on fun stuff here?! Transporter? Can I borrow it to get to work? How many car
    Message 1 of 9 , May 11, 2007

      I'm an Eoforwickian fencer, but I don't drive - am I
      missing out on "fun" stuff here?!

      Transporter? Can I borrow it to get to work? How
      many car accidents does that require? I've heard of
      things costing "an arm and a leg" but do we have to be
      so literal around here!

      Will there actually be anybody to fence against if I
      lug my gear on Sunday? Or do I stay home and contemplate
      what to do with my apprentice "paycheque" (wool and linen
      as per my indenture! And 10 "pence"!)?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

      In Service,


      --- In E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com, Anna B <abaginski@...> wrote:
      Deal. We don't have any more car accidents, but you have to
      promise to share your teleporter with us.



      Kelly Wyatt <kgarlow@...> wrote:

      From: "Kathleen Gormanshaw" <kgormanshaw@...>

      ---- Original Message -----
      From: "Kelly Wyatt" <kgarlow@...>

      That's it! You Eoforwiccian fencers are no longer allowed
      to drive. You must use the transporter till we can clear
      all the rest of the maniac drivers off the roads.

      Hey! Hey! If you have a TRANSPORTER I want to use it too!
      Do I have to get in a car accident to qualify??


      Well, it is still experimental... *grin*

      Gods! No more car accidents! My heart stops everytime I
      hear that!


      MKA - Kelly Wyatt kgarlow@...
      SCA -Bantiarna Cainder ingen hui Chatharnaig
      Seeblatt Herald, Kingdom of Ealdormere
      Justus, Fortis, Patiens - Per chevron argent and sable,
      two sprigs of witch hazel and a snowy owl counterchanged.
    • John Wyatt
      Oi! No luck for the fair... Glad to hear you re still up and able... Heartfelt concern from us Trino way, Mateo ...
      Message 2 of 9 , May 13, 2007

        No luck for the fair... Glad to hear you're still up
        and able...

        Heartfelt concern from us Trino way,

        --- Yvonne Rogers <tamlin_01@...> wrote:

        > To all Rapier Combatants,
        > Sunday practices are now outdoors. See the message
        > below for the
        > location.
        > Also, pleaes know that I am not able to play for the
        > next while, the
        > car accidient I had on Tuesday has rendered torn
        > muscule tissue below
        > the left sappula (shoulder blade). The doctors have
        > advised me that
        > I am not to play for 2 months ( which really sucks).
        > Look for further updates on added summer practices
        > which will start
        > soon.
        > Yours truly
        > Lady Jocelyne
        > Greetings all,
        > The summer fight site is in a park just northeast
        > of FACT. To get
        > there, head to Dupont and Ossington; it is a short
        > block east of
        > FACT.
        > Walk or drive north under the railroad bridge. Take
        > the first left
        > onto Geary
        > Ave.; the park is on the left beside the railroad
        > tracks.
        > Last Sunday afternoon there was ample street
        > parking. Here is an
        > ugly link; if it doesn't work for you, search for
        > "ossington and
        > geary, toronto" at maps.google.com.
        > 79.42957&sspn=0.012106,0.013626&ie=UTF8&z=1\6&om=1
        > Cheers,
        > -Pelayo

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