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[Ealdormere] 2nd Annual Boat Battles at Ragnarok (longish)

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  • Kelly Wyatt
    Just passing on the rules for the 2nd Annual Boat Battle at Ragnarok Cainder @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ MKA - Kelly Wyatt kgarlow@sympatico.ca SCA
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007
      Just passing on the rules for the 2nd Annual Boat Battle at Ragnarok


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      >From: Brian & Danute Dorion <bdorion10@...>
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      >Subject: [Ealdormere] 2nd Annual Boat Battles at Ragnarok (longish)
      >Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 21:09:03 -0400
      >Greetings to all,
      >Last year we had a series of boat battles in which everyone, combatant
      >and non-combatant, adult and child could play together. After trying a
      >number of things and listening to suggestions we are pleased to announce
      >that once again there will be boat battles at Ragnarok. The following is
      >the set of rules we will be using. Last year we had six boats. Hopefully
      >this year we will have more. There will be a bigger space alotted to the
      >sea surface. Battles will take place in the later part of Saturday
      >Any questions feel free to contact me at: bdorion10@...
      >Hope to see you all out there!
      >The team must consist of at least six persons, one of which will
      >function as your harbor master. One of your boat crew may be the
      >�cannon� and the rules about Cannons follow. It is strongly encouraged
      >for teams to have some sort of uniform/baldric.
      >Every team will have a home port, manned by their harbor master. The
      >port must be marked with a banner signifying the team. The harbor master
      >will keep count of captured ships and the ransoms. They may also glean
      >any �in play� cannonballs for their team. At the end of each round
      >Captains of captured ships must negotiate with the harbor master for the
      >release of their ships for next round.
      >The ship must be a rigid frame that can comfortably encompass and be
      >carried by the crew. It must have a pennant with its name on it attached
      >to the rear. The ships are carried across the sea and are laid down when
      >in combat with other ships.
      >Swords are the allowed weapons and must be soft boffer in nature, to be
      >examined for safety before the onset of the battles. They must be okayed
      >as there are no armor requirements. Suggestions include pool noodles
      >attached to a short shaft. Cannonballs must be soft nerf-like balls.
      >Water balloons are okay, depending on weather but will be harder to
      >glean and reuse. If you are using cannon you must mark the crew member
      >that is your cannon. They are invulnerable to attack and may not wield a
      >weapon other than cannonballs in return.
      >At the signal all ships will launch. A ship may attack any other and
      >ship and any ship may be attacked by more than one ship. Ships are
      >considered engaged when they are within two feet of each other. The ship
      >must be laid on the ground before combat can commence. Sword strikes
      >must be to the upper torso as combatants are assumed to be fighting at a
      >rail. Combatants may chose to swing over to the engaged ship by jumping
      >into the other ship. However, if they leave their ship their entire body
      >becomes open to attack. Cannons may aim at the legs of the opposing ship
      >in an effort to scuttle the hull. Once a crew member is killed, they
      >must leave the ship and retreat to the shoreline. If the cannon ball
      >makes a hole that crew member must go to their knees and stop fighting,
      >reflecting a hole in the ship. Scuttling a ship should be viewed only as
      >a strategic move since a scuttled ship cannot be towed to shore.
      >Ships are considered captured when the crew is dead, or scuttled when
      >they receive two holes in the hull. Members of the victorious crew must
      >pilot the captured ship to their harbor in order to receive the point
      >and ransom. However, they must wait for their own ship to come and fetch
      >them before going to sea again.
      >A captured or scuttled ship is out of play for the round.
      >Since cannons are invulnerable, they do not die if a ship is scuttled.
      >They can be removed to the victorious ship by being physically moved
      >from ship to ship.
      >Cannon balls are considered out of play if they are laying on the sea.
      >If they roll to shore they may be gleaned by any harbor. Gleaned balls
      >may be returned to the round on the ship belonging to that harbor when
      >it returns to port.
      >Ships in dire straights may attempt to flee for their home port. If they
      >make it safely they are considered safe and crews may resurrect back to
      >the ship. Any cannonballs at the harbor can be launched by the harbor
      >master at the pursuing ship.
      >The round is ended when only a single ship remains able to sail the sea.
      >Once that is achieved captured ships may be ransomed from the harbors
      >that are holding them. Any cannons removed from scuttled ships may also
      >be ransomed. Cannonballs on the sea are gleaned back by their original
      >crews and the game is reset for the next round.
      >At the end of all the rounds the numbers are added for each harbor. The
      >winner is the crew with the most captures. In case of a tie there will
      >be a final combat between those two ships.
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      >here it is in their personal and private capacity unless they explicitly
      >say otherwise. Even then, it only has the force that it would have if they
      >were saying the same thing around a campfire. The moderator is not at all
      >responsible for individuals comments , etc.
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