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(From Gerrard) - Ragnarock

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  • Anna B
    (Forwarded on request) From Gerrard: Could someone post this to the Fencing Disscusion List . My computer needed a complete system recovery ... only thing
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007
      (Forwarded on request)

      From Gerrard: Could someone post this to the " Fencing Disscusion List " . My computer needed a complete system recovery ... only thing was I could not recover all of my e-mail addy's. Thanks !! Plus For some strange reason spell check isn't working ??

      Ragnarock : Slightly Revised:
      Norman vs Saxons
      I should like everyone who is above 3 years experience to put thier names into one of three designated containers: Those with less than 3 in one. There will also be a container for " dirt " in other words those that have been fencing for quite a long time and have at the very least a " Thorbjorns hammer " or are equivilent. ( bloody well should have one ) The above 3 years but not " dirt " will place thier names in the third container.
      Why you ask? Well to " Hopefully Balance out The Normans vs the Saxons
      Red tape for Normans White Tape for Saxons ( Like Pennsic )
      Under 3 years will have two lives.... however after lossing one life they must play" Off hand " for thier final life .

      I also hope to play " Ring of the Hill " ( even if we have no hill )
      There will be a ring on a stand and the Red team will have to defend it against the White
      Then the White will defend it against the Red ( No extra lives )

      Since this is the first " Melee " of the season I shall also like to add specific rules such as " no running & No death from behind" Until such time as I ( and others ) feel confortable with having it.

      Same goes for RGB's ( Plese bring them if ya got them )

      ** No more than 3 against one at any time**

      MELEE: Melee combats present special challenges to all involved. Society norms are as below:

      In melees, fighters are engaged with all opponents immediately upon the call to lay on.

      Fighters may strike any opponent with any legal blow if they are within the 180 degree arc of the opponentÂ’s front. A fighter who approaches an opponent from behind shall not deliver a blow until he is within that frontal arc. A fighter may never deliberately strike an opponent from behind.

      Killing from behind is allowed if it has been announced beforehand. The Society norm for "death from behind" in melees shall be: If a melee scenario allows killing from behind, a fighter does so by laying the rapier blade over the opponentÂ’s shoulder, to at least a third of the blade, while calling "Dead, my lord" (or other short, courteous phrases) in a loud, clear voice. Reaching around the neck is forbidden. The opponent will be deemed "killed" from the instant the blade touches his shoulder and shall not attempt to spin, duck or dodge away.

      Note: If death from behind is not allowed in a given melee, a fighter who deliberately ignores an attacker behind them, or repeatedly maneuvers to keep their back to an attacker (thereby preventing any attack on them) may be considered misuse of the rules and obstructive behaviour.

      Daggers may also be used, but care must be taken not to punch or strike the fighter with the guard or quillons of the dagger when so used.

      In special scenario melees (e.g., bridge or town battles), additional restrictions may be imposed by the marshals as needed.

      *** perhaps I am being cautious *** But I like cautious ... cautious is good !!

      Is there anything else that might be added ???

      Note: forwarded message attached.

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