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Re: [E_Rapier] Germany or ??

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  • John Wyatt
    I ve never been to Germany, but it s the next place aside from Ireland that I d like to visit. Germany for the my fascination with the Second World War, and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2007
      I've never been to Germany, but it's the next place
      aside from Ireland that I'd like to visit. Germany
      for the my fascination with the Second World War, and
      Ireland for my ancestry and the fact I wasn't able to
      fit it in during my UK trip the last time (Just
      England and Scotland).

      Having been to England, Scotland, Southern France, and
      Sourthern Spain, I can say there's a lot of history
      everywhere there -- just depends on what history you'd
      like. I like Roman History the most, (no surprise for
      anyone that knows the history of Merida Spain, :>) so
      of the places I've been I would suggest: Lyons France
      (great reconstruction/excavation of an ampitheatre),
      Bath England (Roman Baths giving the city it's name
      amoung other reasons). Never been to Italy, but it
      would be a stop for obvious reasons. For Celtic
      history, I would suggest the Bath, Glastonbury
      Salisbury area of England.

      If you don't get any advice for local places to visit
      in Germany, I highly recommend dropping into Chapters
      (or associated store) and pick up the Lonely Planet
      Guide for Germany. There are a lot of Travel Guide
      books, but the Lonely Planet guide is the best I've
      seen. Has write-ups on the major and not so major
      cities with maps showing train stations, post offices,
      some hotels, and the must-see historical sites for the
      given city. Write-ups on the historical place
      included. Also has suggestions on food/restaurants,
      information on local customs, etc. Very much a
      earthly Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I've used
      them to plan all my trips overseas, both vacation and

      If you're working with a travel agent, they can
      probably help you with the cheap flight. Our Sales
      Rep in England was able to secure a flight from
      England to the south of Spain for about 50 to 100
      British pounds. (About $100 to $200). It wasn't on
      one of the big airlines, it was a smaller one like
      Westjet. I understand there to be several of these
      cheap flights to the vacation spots in Europe from
      each of the major airports.

      Oh yes! If you're there for a week and want to travel
      from city to city fairly frequently: buy a Railpass!
      Available for England and Continental Europe. Was
      around $400 or $500 about 5 years ago, but it allows
      you to get on any train in the respective areas of the
      pass. No need to buy a ticket, etc. When I travelled
      the UK with my sister it was the perfect thing and we
      more than got our money's worth. If you're picking a
      specific area and sticking to it, check out the cost
      for bus tickets, etc. and it might be better not to
      buy the pass. (To check the prices you could get them
      from a travel agent, or just thumb through the Lonely
      Planet guide for the country over a Starbucks coffee
      with pen and paper.)

      Hope my ramblings are useful and/or entertaining,

      Mateo de Merida

      --- Kathleen Gormanshaw <kgormanshaw@...>

      > I'm looking for travel advice:
      > Hoskuld has to be in Germany by Sunday July 1, to be
      > picked up at one of
      > 3 airports one of which is Frankfurt, then returning
      > to Canada July 7.
      > (No, we won't be at Trilliums.)
      > His company pays the plane fair to get him to
      > Germany. He also opened
      > up the possibility of stopping somewhere ELSE along
      > the way. So we
      > could end up almost anywhere in Europe from June 28
      > to July 1, so long
      > as he can get a cheap flight from there to Germany
      > and I can catch a
      > return flight to Canada.
      > That leaves me with more options than I know where
      > to start
      > investigating. A visit to Sweden, where my persona
      > is from, would be
      > wonderful. Checking out any place with a strong
      > sense of history, of
      > "these things have been here for hundreds of years"
      > would be good.
      > And if he ever figures out exactly WHERE in Germany
      > he's going to be for
      > that week, some close-by suggestions will be
      > requested :-)
      > Where would you go, and why, given these options?
      > Eyrny

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