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RE: [E_Rapier] FW: [krms] In regards to minors combating with adults

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    Thank you for taking the time to clarify this for me. Luisa To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com From: evedave1@rogers.com Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:57:31 -0400
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      Thank you for taking the time to clarify this for me.

      To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com
      From: evedave1@...
      Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:57:31 -0400
      Subject: RE: [E_Rapier] FW: [krms] In regards to minors combating with adults

      Here is the relevant section of the rules:

      5. At any event (including practices and training sessions) which the

      minor is involved in SCA rapier combat, the minor must either have a parent

      or guardian present, or must be in procession of a properly executed

      "Medical Authorization Form for Minors". Said Medical Authorization Form

      must designate an adult present at the event as able to authorize medical

      treatment in the case of an emergency.

      Here is what the Pennsic Rules say:

      11.Anyone under the age of 18 years (a minor) MUST be accompanied by a

      parent or court-appointed guardian to be admitted to Pennsic War.

      Emancipated minors shall be required to produce proof of their status when


      a.A parent or court-appointed guardian must remain on-site with any minor

      child for as long as the minor child remains on site. Anyone attempting to

      circumvent this rule may be charged with trespassing and/or other applicable

      civil or criminal penalties.

      b.Children under the age of 12 must be within voice range or in sight of a

      responsible adult or teenager at all times. Minors under 18 must be in their

      encampments or in the company of a parent or court-appointed guardian after

      11 P.M.

      c.If Cooper's Lake Campground or Pennsic War Event staff finds minors in

      breach of these rules, they will (for a first offense) escort the minor to

      their parent(s)/court-appointed guardian(s) and issue a verbal warning. A

      report of the incident will be tendered to the host Kingdom Seneschal. On a

      second offense, the parent(s)/court-appointed guardian(s) will be required

      to keep their minor(s) with them for the remainder of the Pennsic War. A

      report on the incident will be tendered to the host Kingdom and Society

      Seneschals. On a third offense, the minor(s) and parent(s)/court-appointed

      guardian(s) will be expelled from the event and the matter will be reported

      to the host Kingdom and Society Seneschals.

      d.All sponsored organized Youth Activities at Pennsic War, shall be

      compliant with the Governing Documents and Policies of the Society for

      Creative Anachronism, Inc. These policies do not relieve parents or

      guardians of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of

      their children and insuring that their children's activities are compliant

      with the current Pennsic War Site Rules and Site Policies.

      Our rules say you must be present at the event, as do the Pennsic rules.

      Neither says you have to be with them when they are participating in marshal

      activities. Also, consider larger rapier battles like La Rochelle, the Field

      Battle, or more especially, the Woods Battle where you may not be within

      eyeshot of the minor as battles tend to be rather confused things.

      We did not have a huge amount of input on this as KRM's. We were asked to

      come up with a policy for our Kingdom and that's what was discussed online

      and at a moot in Ealdormere. We came up with the scrunchie idea, which was

      brilliant. The yellow diamond was, IIRC, used in some other Kingdoms and the

      SEM decided that it would be the approach for the Society. It is,

      unfortunately, something I don't have control over, and I think our approach

      was a good one.

      I don't now if the SEM, Sir Omarad, is a parent, or the parent of a Minor

      Fencer, unfortunately it's not relevant if he is one or not, he's the boss.

      The rule for identifying minors extends to the armoured combat side of

      things as well so there was some sort of demand, probably from legal, at

      Society level for this policy to be implemented.

      As noted previously, I'll be updating the Ealdormere Rapier rules

      accordingly. If you have any other questions on the policy, let me know and

      I'll try to get answers for you.

      Yours in Service;


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      Subject: RE: [E_Rapier] FW: [krms] In regards to minors combating with


      I personally do not like it. It ruins a pair of my favorite black and tan

      leather riding gloves.

      As a mother of a minor, were the deciders parents? As rules state minors are

      not to participate unless a parent or guardians are present so the whole

      point of in case of injury is moot, PARENT IS PRESENT OR MINOR DOES NOT

      FENCE. If my kid is wounded, I'm there, I am first on the scene for any and

      all medical responders. As my kid just said over my shoulder, "The only one

      allowed to wound me is you." The point is, Parent or guardians are present

      so there is minimal need of extra identification. That stops extra chances

      of discrimination by combatiants who do not wish to fight against minors.

      That is my minor's opininon as well as my own.

      As a Mother of a minor fencer, are you?


      To: E_Rapier@yahoogroups.com; RapierMarshals@yahoogroups.com

      From: evedave1@...

      Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 14:36:44 -0400

      Subject: [E_Rapier] FW: [krms] In regards to minors combating with adults

      From the KRM List. Darn, I liked the scrunchies.



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      Behalf Of Navah Aibinn ingen Artain

      Sent: July 22, 2010 11:56 AM

      To: krms@...

      Subject: [krms] In regards to minors combating with adults

      This recently came across our Trimarian Marshal List.


      from the Society Earl Marshal

      A single Society Convention for marking minors combating with adults to

      replace the many individual systems.

      This standard is: a single yellow diamond no larger than 1" but no smaller


      0.5" to be placed on the front hemisphere of the helm (preferably on or near


      inspection sticker.) This policy is effective immediately and will appear in


      next printing of the marshal handbook.

      Minors competing with adults in Rapier will have the same diamond on the

      cuff of the glove of their dominant weapon hand.

      The Pennsic War Marshal has decided that the convention for Pennsic War will


      a little more specific:

      At Pennsic, all minors combating with adults are to be marked with a single

      yellow 1" diamond to be placed directly above the inspection sticker.

      -Sir Omarad



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