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A thank you from a new Provost

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  • Ross Weaver
    I know some may consider this a bit late, but it has been a busy week. Now I sit on the shore of a lake after a refrehing swim, and have time to collect my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2010
      I know some may consider this a bit late, but it has been a busy week.
      Now I sit on the shore of a lake after a refrehing swim, and have
      time to collect my thoughts and send out this missive.

      A thank you to my honourable combatants for the counted bouts. The
      skill level I was measuring myself against was quite high, and I
      promise I'll do better once my leg heals, hopefully by my Dean prize.

      To those who faced me in my timed trials, thank you. I had many good
      opponents but alas not even time to get a name or discuss our bouts.
      I hope we can cross blades again when I can savour the bout...

      To the marshals who marshalled the bout thank you, I can't remember
      all off, only Yoshi sticks in me mind, but thank you all.

      Thank you Giovanni for being my "caddy" for the timed bouts, handing
      me blades and equipment as I needed them (this one looks like the 42
      incher... :).

      Thank you Jocelyn for arranging the prize bouts, and taking charge of the EAoD.

      And thanks to Master Brand, my household brother, for stepping in to
      herald at the last minute. He was good at digging me a deep pit of
      boasts to live up to.

      Finally thank you to my insperation, My Dear Lady Cristabell and my
      daughter Lillyana.

      In Service,
      Herr Wilhelm von Pottruff, Provost of the EAoD

      On 7/6/10, Eve Harris & David Stamper <evedave1@...> wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > After this weekend's Provost Prize fight, I realize I have more to be
      > thankful for than I ever thought possible. First I would like to thank all
      > those who helped in the Prizes. Thank you to Lady Jocelyn for taking on the
      > role of Preceptor of the EAOD, reinvigorating it, running the Prizes so
      > smoothly and providing me with the lovely scarf. Thank you to Lord Yoshi and
      > THL Gerrard, who played Mad Dog Marshals, standing out in the noon day sun.
      > Thank you to Lord DJ and Lady Dubessa who kept me well armed during my
      > Prize. Thank you to Lord Gunthar who heralded me in the procession around
      > the camp and at one point managed to render Baron Brand speechless, a truly
      > epic feat. Thank you to Baron Hoskuld, Baroness Eyrny, Baron Giovanni, THL
      > Wilhelm and THL Gareth for being my opponents in the first part of my Prize.
      > Having such a talented group of gentles arrayed against me is possibly one
      > of the most frightening yet exhilarating experiences I think I have ever
      > known. Thank you to all the fencers who played with me during my fifteen
      > minutes, it seemed like an eternity but it was a really fun eternity. Thank
      > you to all those who gave me such kind words before, during and after my
      > Prize, they were deeply appreciated. Finally, I would like to thank my Lady
      > Wife, THL Asa Gormsdottir, who took such good care of me after the exertions
      > of the Prize fight, giving me a wondrous foot bath and feeding me a truly
      > marvellous steak dinner.
      > I only hope I am worthy of such friendship and kindness. If I have forgotten
      > anybody in my thanks I offer you my most humble apologies, I was a little
      > bit fried after the Prize and not all together there.
      > Yours in Service
      > Albrecht, Provost and Proctor of the Ealdormere Academy of Defence

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