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Re: Fencing Schedule for Pikeman's Pleasure

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  • Griffin de Stokeport
    At the risk of repeating myself... a reminder of our Canton s event this weekend.. and Fencing! *Pikeman s Pleasure XX *Located at the North Monaghan Community
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2010
      At the risk of repeating myself... a reminder of our Canton's event this
      weekend.. and Fencing!

      *Pikeman's Pleasure XX
      *Located at the North Monaghan Community Centre, 4 Needlers Lane,
      Millbrook, Ontario L0A 1G0
      Saturday June 5, 2010
      Gates open at 10:00am until 11:00pm

      The event will happen rain or shine. We have full use of the indoor
      hockey rink surface that provides more than enough room for our use...
      which, thinking back, was the field that I actually authorized upon a
      few years ago. The prizes are done too... all made by me and, in my own
      humble opinion, turned out very well.

      My thanks for your kind consideration of our event.


      > I send greetings to all fencers of Ealdormere and their kin,
      > The day of Pikeman's Pleasure XX is fast approaching. Much full is
      > planned for the day with the fencing lists. I hope to see many of you
      > there for the day. :)
      > http://www.wraithstudios.ca/pikemans2010.html
      > The following is the planned itinerary for the day:
      > Fencing Battles & Tournaments
      > Marshal in Charge - Lord William of Otterton
      > griffin 'at' wraithstudios.ca
      > Wonderous prizes will abound for the day! Much fun will be had!
      > 10:00am-10:45am � Inspections and Authorizations (Marshals Permitting)
      > 10:45am-11:45am � Bridge Battles / Singles & Doubles
      > 12:00pm-1:30pm � Reverse Bear Pit
      > 1:45pm-4:00pm � Steal the Golden Cup (or Bar Room Brawl...)
      > For the Reverse Bear Pit, two combatants with fight with the loser
      > staying in but the winner should give some advice as to how the
      > defeated combatant could improve their style with a useful tip! There
      > is a limit of a maximum of three losses in a row at which time both
      > combatants will retire from the Pit.
      > Golden Cup Tournament
      > A spectactular cup of gold has been left unattended! Can you snatch it
      > away and safely exit the field without any one else stopping you? Or
      > will you fight your way to victory and escape with the cup as your prize?
      > A simple gold cup (ie: wood painted gold, we're not that rich!) will
      > sit at one end of the field on top of a chest. Every combatant will
      > start together at the far end of the field. The marshal will call a
      > start and any fencer can walk (no running) about the field. The
      > marshal will call an Allez! after 5 to 10 seconds, and then any fencer
      > can take the cup or engage any opponent on the field (standard open
      > field melee rules of engagement apply). The fencer that exits the
      > field with the cup in their possesion will score points towards
      > glorious prizes! No running permitted, walking only.
      > Scoring for all battles and tournaments
      > All scoring is individual, no teams.
      > Each battle fought will earn one point for the combatant (Bridge, Bear
      > Pit & Golden Cup)
      > Each victory for the Bridge Battle and Bear Pit will win the
      > victorious combatant(s) two points additional.
      > Each time exiting the field in possession of the Golden cup will score
      > five points additional.
      > Prizes will be awarded at Court for the top three point totals for the
      > day. All prizes will be on display prior to the start of the
      > tournaments (and probably on the A&S Display Table... yes, they're
      > pretty neat and all non-fencing related since you probably have lots
      > of fencing stuff already!)

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