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  • John Enzinas
    ... 1) Is the drill a reasonable sequence for your (and your partner s) skill level. For example it s great to practice a second parry in response to a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2009
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      n Thu, May 14, 2009 at 12:26 PM, John Wyatt <jwyatt2@...> wrote:
      > Now, we've all done drills and do drills, but I have a question to ask, in the spirit of my mentor, the maker of evil toys:  What makes a good drill?

      1) Is the drill a reasonable sequence for your (and your partner's)
      skill level. For example it's great to practice a second parry in
      response to a disengage but if your partner can't do a disengage on
      their attack the drill is pointless.

      2) you aren't drilling a bad action. The action you have chosen should
      represent a segment of a real fight. You can abstract it, but it
      should still be something that could happen in a fight. Actually,
      let's make that something that *should* happen in a fight. For
      example, stabbing at your toe is something that could happen in a
      fight (magnus) but what should happen is that said person attacking
      below your waist should get nailed in the face so drill the latter and
      not the former.

      3) if you are doing this with a partner, your partner is providing
      useful resistance and is not there just to act like a pell. This also
      means that your partner has to provide useful resistance and not a)
      simply let you do the technique and b) anticipate your action and
      prevent you from doing it.

      4) You can tell that you are not doing it correctly even if you
      succeed. You need to be able to tell if you are getting it right
      because you have it right (or reasonably closely) and not because you
      cheated a motion or your partner let you or anticipated the action or

      5) if it involves a sequence of actions, it should be built up and not
      started all out unless everyone is very familiar.

      6) it is always appropriate to drill footwork.
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