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Re: [E_Rapier] Awards !!

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  • Ross Weaver
    A few comments about award recommendations from Ealdormere s outlying barony... First off, just because you submitted recommendations to one set of Royalty you
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 12, 2009
      A few comments about award recommendations from Ealdormere's outlying barony...

      First off, just because you submitted recommendations to one set of
      Royalty you are not done. Most of the time when a new King and Queen
      step up no list of already proposed individuals does not get passed
      on. They are usually starting from scratch again. So a long history
      of recommending someone often means nothing. The best strategy here
      is to target the new Prince and Princess after Crown Tournament, each
      time. You know it gets on their list then and if for some crazy
      reason they do get a list of previously proposed people they may not
      even look at it. And if the sitting K&Q discussed awards the P&P then
      that name is on both their radars hopefully.

      Second, it is funny to hear that the Southern Shires feel lacking in
      recognition. You want lag time, come to Skraeling Althing. There is
      a marked difference between the amount of time recognition comes to
      members out here than in Southern Ealdormere. There are few factors,
      of course. One is that often K&Q's have a target length of court and
      trim their awards to meet that length, and well we don't see the K&Q
      as often up here. Two, is that we are thinly populated so even if the
      Canton supports someone , you get maybe 12 to 14 recommendations...
      There are others as well that aren't worth detailing, but basically
      the Southern Shires don't have it as bad.

      Third, well if you are not a "core focus", you are not as noticeable
      to the Royalty. If we just look the percentage of authorized armoured
      combatants that recieve a Scarlet Banner or a Thorbjorn's Hammer
      versus the percentages of Rapier combatants or Archers, it becomes
      obvious you are more likely to get a combat award if you are an
      armoured combatant. Heck we had a King that gave an award to every
      armoured combatant that fought at Pennsic, but not a single rapier
      combatant got one... And don't even talk to me about the status of
      historical dance in the A&S community...

      So some food for thought people...
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