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985Proposed fencing event --- questions

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  • jaureus76
    Jan 6, 2009
      I hope that everyone had or is having an excellent holidays.

      At the risk of offending any one, and if so i apologise in advance, I
      am bringing up the topic of the proposed fencing event.

      The latest message posted on the rapier email list from Erny,
      provided the poll results.

      The question becomes is this enough support for the organizers to
      continue with their valent efforts to make this event happen.

      The second question is assuming we run the event, there is was
      discussion of running EOAD prizes. From what I rememember, of the
      rules for these prizes, in order to play for these prizes, the
      intention to play for them had to be listed in the kingdom
      newsletter ... a certain period in advance. What is this period, and
      can it waived given the relatively short notice of the event in the
      official calendar. i.e how can one play for a prize at an event that
      is not yet fully formed.

      I wonder given the fact that if this even happens it will be one of
      only a few events with many fencers and space (ie. enough to possibly
      play for prizes) can we agree on the list to alter the rules for this
      event. perhaps, by posting by having the perceptor posting on this
      list, the prizes that will be played and by whom they will be

      Perceptor, can you comment. Would this alternative be acceptable to
      you. If not what do you propose.


      Issac Spinoza
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