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915Re: [E_Rapier] Fw: [RN] Next year's KWAR

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  • Nicholas J. Corkigian
    Nov 19, 2008
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      Yes. Having been in the loop for this last idea, I've pretty much
      been told by various sources that a Known World Event really needs
      about a year of planning (or more!) to get all the hoops taken care
      of. Attaching "Known World" to the name requires approval of Privy
      Council, and they are only required to meet once a reign.


      > As a member of the planning crew for the last Known World Event idea for
      > Ealdormere I know it would be very hard to get all the hoops jumped through
      > for Dec 15.
      > We would have to secure a site and cost.
      > Set a budget and fees. Including attendance estimates and references to
      > previous Known World Events of this type.
      > Fill out the staff, including a dedicated Exchequer.
      > Find a supporting group to foot the bill.
      > Get approval from the Kingdom's Privy Council, meaning they would have to
      > have the above done for their review, at an event at which the privy council
      > is meeting.
      > So all that has to be done in 3.5 weeks, so we can submit it to society for
      > approval.
      > Not to say it can't be done, but I doubt it. Now it wouldn't hurt to do all
      > this for 2010 now, and get the 2010 bid in early...
      > ~Wilhelm
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