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894Rapier at Wassail

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  • Eve Harris & David Stamper
    Nov 13, 2008
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      Wassail! Is rapidly approaching:


      There will be a fencing tourney at the event. It will be a round robin dance
      card format. Each fencer will be provided with a sheet where they can record
      the names of their opponents, any special conditions for their bouts and
      whether they won or lost.

      Special conditions can be anything the opponents agree upon as long as the
      conditions don't break the rules for rapier combat in Ealdormere. Special
      conditions could include things like: draw cuts only, Scholar's Privilege
      (not cuts or thrusts to the face), invulnerable limbs or other body parts,
      the Fechtschule rule (only blows to the head are counted) etc. Be original
      and have fun!

      Rapier inspections will begin at 12:30 pm and the tourney will start at 1
      pm. I look forward to seeing you on the 29th.

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