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805FOOL 2 Rapier vs Etiquette Class -- Starting AFTER Court and Baronial Tea

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  • John Wyatt
    Aug 29, 2008
      Greetings All,
      I just looked again at the schedule of classes for this weekend (specifically looking for something at someone's prompting) and I noticed that my class on Rules vs Etiquette on the Rapier List was going to start halfway through the reserved section in the schedule for Court and Baronial Tea.
      Since the Autocrat and scheduler of classes are likely on site right now I'm going to be bold:
      As a teaser to the content of my class, etiquette dictates you pay respect to the Crown and their Landed Baron and Baronesses before all else.  So, my class will start AFTER Court and Baronial Tea.  It will be condensed to 1 hr so as not to affect the remainder of the schedule.
      In Service,
      Mateo de Merdia

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