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771re: [E_Rapier] FOOL - Rapier??

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  • Anna B
    Aug 15 8:48 AM
      Ooh ooh! Put me down for the Giganti Sword/Dagger and Tavern brawling please!

      Provided ofcourse it dosn't interfere with the heraldic, embroidery and black hours classes I'm planning on taking.

      The after-hours tavern brawl sounds like it might be a bit of a blast as well :)

      Might be able to arrange for transport from TO, but just waiting to hear back to see if I have a full car. Will keep you posted?


      argh@... wrote:
      OK... Sorry about the length but those who are interested will find it interesting [hopefully].

      So I've contacted the Class organizer and they have said that they would love to have Rapier classes.

      Currently transport is the big kicker, I have someone who is potentially willing to come from Kingston but there are no
      guarantees of that yet. He's also not a SCAdian so you would all have to be nice to him :P

      Is it possible for someone to take me from Toronto if I took the bus that far? This is only if it comes to that, just
      scouting options.

      Conversely if anyone hears tell or knows of someone coming from out Skreal that might have space do tell.

      So I have a few classes that I could run, they are listed below. This is just what I can come up with up the top of my
      head, if anyone has something else to suggest I can see if I can develop something. So take a look and then vote,
      request, suggest.

      I can run upto three of these classes if I'm feeling truly ambitious. Although if there is anyone else out there who is
      interested in teaching I will gleefully keep myself to one or two classes. I figure we have the space and thus should
      use it.

      1) Principles of Giganti (Rapier): A look at the Guards and Lunge of Nicoletto Giganti, covering the elementary
      principles of Time, Measure, Defense, and Circling the Sword. REQUIREMENTS: Mask, Gorget, and SCA legal Rapier [42"+
      variety suggested, but a 36" will work]

      2) Playing the Angles in Giganti (Rapier): An investigation of Giganti's Bind, Feint, and Affront. REQUIREMENTS:
      Mask, Gorget, and SCA legal Rapier [42"+ variety suggested, but a 36" will work]

      3) Introduction Giganti's Rapier and Dagger (Rapier): The basic stance, attack, and defence of Giganti's Rapier and
      Dagger. REQUIREMENTS: Mask, Gorget, SCA legal Rapier [42"+ variety suggested, but a 36" will work], and dagger or
      dagger waster [the dagger will not be use in the attack].

      4) Introduction to Bolognese Sword and Buckler (Cut and Thrust): An introduction to the basic systems of Attack,
      Guards, and Footwork of Marozzo/Dall'Aggochie. REQUIREMENTS: Mask, Gorget, SCA legal Rapier [36" or shorter variety
      suggested], and SCA legal Buckler or Target.

      Lastly I can, if people want toss my copy of Fiore in my bag and run introductory classes on Flos Duelltorum [c. 1410]
      system of wrestling, dagger fighting, or long sword [although the last two would be dependent on what daggers and
      wasters we could scrounge up]. This is interesting stuff though not specifically Rapier. This also could work as
      informal classes to pass the time when we don't have an official classroom.

      Hmmm.... Tavern Brawling classes, Medieval wrestling and Dagger Seminars after hours?


      Aaron Miedema
      Lente autem non celer sum.

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