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688Fwd: [Ealdormere] Battle Chess Demo this Saturday June 7th in Brantford

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  • Kathleen Gormanshaw
    Jun 3, 2008
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      I'm being pulled to help my canton this weekend and attend this demo
      instead of Pikeman's. Are there any other fencers who might be able
      to come out and play in the afternoon? (Or all day)


      >Subject: [Ealdormere] Battle Chess Demo this Saturday June 7th in Brantford
      >Greetings from Count Edward the Red,
      >This is a reminder that our big Battle Chess demo is this coming Saturday.
      >9:30 am : Arrive and set up.
      >10 am: Armour inspections
      >10:30 am: If possible, I would like to have everyone in armour and
      >ready to start by 10:30
      >10:45 am: Battle chess starts (we are part of a larger celebration,
      >so start time is important)
      >11:30 - noon: lunch and retire to the park
      >noon to 6 pm or so: remaining demo
      >Here's a google map to the site:
      >Park at Brantford city hall -- 100 Wellington St Brantford.
      >If possible, arrive in garb, or armour up when you arrive.
      >The park where the afternoon part of the demo will be held is diagonally
      >across the road - south of Wellington and West of George St.
      >Walk one more block South of the park to Dalhousie street, and one block
      >West on Dalhousie to Harmony Square.
      >The chess match will be played between the Mayor of Brantford and I
      >believe the mayor of the county, aided by members of the chess club.
      >We will be providing all the "pieces" - costumed SCA members, with as
      >many armoured fighters as possible.
      >When a piece _trys_ to take another piece - they will have a battle on
      >the list field to determine the victor. Any pieces which are not
      >armoured combatants will be able to send a champion to fight in their place.
      >They will be providing food vouchers for all 32 pieces on the board --
      >So not only is this a Free event, but they also provide lunch :)
      >After lunch, we have the run of the park for fighting, fencing, youth
      >combat, A&S displays, dancing etc. Bring along whatever you would like
      >to do, and show off to the public.
      >At last count we still need a few more people to fill the board
      >I have about 25 confirmed, with about 15 fighters so far, and we need at
      >least 32 people, with as many armoured combatants as possible.
      >If you're interested, please email me ASAP to let me know, or call or
      >email if you have any questions.
      >519-884-0672 (home)
      >519-505-7881 (cell)
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