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680Re: [E_Rapier] Fencing formats ???

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  • Nicholas J. Corkigian
    Jun 1, 2008
      Hello Gerrard...

      I'm still musing over the finalized format for Murder Melee, but so far the
      plans are to have:

      A friday night torch tourney - most likely round robin, unless numbers
      suggest double elim
      A late saturday morning melee "workshop" that Garreth has kindly agreed to
      field for us
      A saturday afternoon woods battle - most likely an escort mission
      The Melee favourite of a plank battle - bear pit style
      An MIT course that Mateo suggested might be possible if there was enough

      As usual, we tend to have enough time to run the scenarios more than once,
      so we can play with different factors each time.

      We will probably need a few extra marshals for the woods battle, but if we
      run that a few times, we can always switch out marshals so everyone gets a
      change to play. Volunteers please? :-)


      So all of you MIC's for the next few events...
      > What are the proposed fencing formats ???
      > Thanks Gerrard

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